No rebels in PF-Hapunda

THE Patriotic Front (PF) will not tolerate renegade and rebel members in its rank and file in its quest to cleanse itself in the process of reconciliation and strengthening itself before the 2016 general elections, its communications director Brian Hapunda has said.

And PF Lusaka Province youth chairman Kennedy Kamba said the expulsion of Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Sylvia Masebo was long overdue and commended the ruling party’s disciplinary committee for taking a bold decision to get rid of leaders who were sowing seeds of despondency in the party.

Mr Hapunda warned that what had happened to Mr Mwamba and Ms Masebo would serve as a lesson to other MPs and party leaders with the agenda of disrespecting the party president and the rules governing the PF.

Mr Hapunda told the Daily Nation yesterday that there were no negotiations for loyalty to President Edgar Lungu and the party and that those whose allegiance was divided should voluntarily leave the party than wait to be humiliated through expulsions.

He said the PF was a disciplined organization that religiously believed in the doctrine of loyalty to its leadership and could therefore not allow renegade MPs and members who had sold their loyalty to the opposition political parties.

He stated that the price for dishonesty and disloyalty in any organization was excommunication and that Mr Mwamba and Ms Masebo deserved to be expelled because they did not want the ruling party to continue governing the country through President Lungu.

“As the PF, what has happened to Mr Mwamba and Ms Masebo should serve as a lesson to all MPs and members who disregard the rules that govern our party.  There are no negotiations for loyalty in the PF. MPs and members must first be loyal to the president of the party who is the Head of State. Second, they must be loyal to the party. We are not going to tolerate MPs who were sponsored by the PF to be in Parliament to rebel against the party and sell their loyalty to the opposition. What Mr Mwamba and Ms Masebo did was totally unacceptable and their expulsion is good riddance,” Mr Hapunda said.

And Mr Kamba said the PF youths were happy that President Lungu had taken a bold decision to expel Mr Mwamba and Ms Masebo because they were allegedly causing unnecessary confusion in the ruling party.

Mr Kamba claimed the PFyouths were aware that the former Kasama Central MP and his Chongwe counterpart had been working at ensuring that the UPND should merge with Wynter Kabimba’s newly formed Rainbow Party in an attempt to unseat the PF in 2016 general elections.

Mr Kamba said the ruling party was prepared to meet Mr Mwamba and Ms Masebo on the political battlefield so that they could prove their popularity outside the PF.

He said the duo won their respective parliamentary seats through the popularity of former president Michael Sata and that they would never reclaim their position in Parliament under any other political party in the country.

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