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legitimacyMUTEMBO Nchito must not be allowed to continue occupying the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) because he is disgraced and is using the constitutional office to corruptly favour his allies and settle scores against his political nemesis, former deputy minister of Transport and Communications in the Frederick Chiluba administration Alfred Ndhlovu has said.

Mr Ndhlovu said it was shocking that the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) had cleared Mr Nchito whose credibility was in tatters following an array of charges and allegations he was facing.

Mr Ndhlovu has called on the judiciary to start rejecting Mr Nchito’s cases because his professional conduct and advice were imbued with corruption, deceit, fraud and manipulation.

He told the Daily Nation that it was unfortunate that Mr Nchito had continued occupying the office of the DPP when it was clear that he was using his constitutional authority to corruptly save his alliey and business partner Fred M’membe who had been an accomplice to some of the transgressions Mr Nchito had committed over the years.

Mr Ndhlovu said since it had become clear that Mr Nchito had no moral conscience to resign from the position of DPP voluntarily, it was up to the Law Association of Zambia and the judiciary to force him out of office because he had become a danger to the criminal justice system of the country.

He said Mr Nchito ascended to the office of the DPP corruptly by lying before the Parliamentary Select Committee and that Zambians could not expect him to be above board as he had shown signs of being professionally fractured long before he cheated his way to his office.

“Mutembo Nchito has lost legitimacy and he must step down on his own and should not wait for President Lungu to suspend him over his numerous transgressions. If he cannot vacate the office of the DPP because he lacks moral conscience, then he must be forced out of that office by the Law Association of Zambia whose license he is using to abuse his authority of office. If that fails, the judiciary must start rejecting his cases because his professional conduct is imbued with corruption, fraud and brazen disregard of the rule of law,” Mr Ndhlovu said.

Mr Ndhlovu said Mr Nchito was allegedly at the centre of blocking the arrest and prosecution of Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba over the Trafigura oil corruption saga and could therefore not be allowed to occupy the office of the DPP. He said Zambians were still demanding that the Anti-Corruption Commission should reopen investigations into the Trafigura oil contract corruption scandal but warned that for as long as Mr Nchito remained the DPP, Zambians would never get justice from the judicial system.

Mr Ndhlovu said Mr Nchito would ensure that Mr Kabimba who is still at the centre of the Trafigura oil scandal was not prosecuted in the same manner he was fighting that his business partner Fred M’membe not to face the wrath of the law over defamatory and contempt charges he (M’membe) was facing.

He said whether Mr Nchito liked it or not, Zambians would continue that the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) loan which was obtained by fraudulent misrepresentation was repaid in full and the culprits brought to book.

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