Nkoyas accuse Lungu of tribalism

THE Nkoya people of Kaoma district in Western Province have accused President Edgar Lungu of being a “lozi” tribalist for allegedly appointing only Lozis to the exclusion of Nkoyas and other ethnic groups in the region.

Nkoya Royal Council chairman David Tamboka alleged that Government was siding with only one tribe in the province at the expense of others, which he said was dividing the people in the region.

He said the Nkoyas would soon seek audience with the Government so that they can actively participate in the country’s governance system.

Mr Tamboka said it was not fair that each time there was a new Government, Nkoyas were left out of the governance system.

He said Western Province had many tribes and that Lozis were  not the only ethnic group in the region to be recognised as being superior to other regions.

Mr Tamboka claimed that President Lungu’s appointments to Government positions were only done for certain groups of people.

He said Western Province represented many ethnic groups and that the Lozis were not the only tribe in the area for them to be always supported by the Government.

Mr Tamboka alleged that President Lungu’s appointments were only targeting one ethnic group which he warned was detrimental to the unity and peace of the people in the province.

“We are appealing to the Government to reserve some positions for Nkoyas as well so that they have representatives in the governance system. The recent appointments by President Lungu are skewed in one region and it is like Western Province is just Mongu because that is where Government programmes are concentrated. We also need development by benefitting from the national resources. We are not foreigners but Zambians who want to exercise our rights,” he said.

He reiterated that the Nkoyas were not happy with the open sidelining of other tribes in the region alleging that the same officials who were appointed were failing to develop these areas and that if such a trend continued they would have no option but to protest against the Government officers appointed to to work in Kaoma.

Mr Tamboka said Nkoyas should not suffer simply because other tribes were favoured by the Government, adding that it was not fair to start undermining them.

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One Response to “Nkoyas accuse Lungu of tribalism”

  1. Chox.com says:

    Ba kateka
    Nvelani nkani iyi. It’s logical to studythe situation. The complaint is genuine…


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