Condoms in sewer system blessing in disguise

THE clearing of 1,000 condoms a day in the sewer system by Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) is a good thing because it is an indication that people are using protection when having sex, says Treatment and Advocacy Literacy Campaign (TALC) executive director, Felix Mwanza.

Mr Mwanza said it was a positive indicator for those promoting safe sex through the use of condoms.

He said however that the presence of condoms in the sewer system was also an indication that there was need for increased sensitization on proper disposal methods. He said stakeholders must work together in ensuring that proper use and disposal options were available, including easy access to waste bins which were frequently collected.

“The challenge which is there is that there are no consistent waste management programmes and people tend to use the more reliable and convenient method of throwing in the toilets.

“Unless there was a reliable system for garbage collection and disposal, many people will always opt for a more accessible and convenient method through the toilets,” he said.

He explained that there was need for more sensitization on proper disposal methods of condoms including information on the effects of throwing condoms in sewerage systems.

“There is need to find a better way of disposal, although there is an option to burn the condoms after use.

“It is important for the user to be aware of the advisable method of disposal, which need the person’s full attention in ensuring the condoms are wrapped in tissue or a piece of paper, then tied up in a plastic, and then secured in a waste bin, to ensure proper disposal at the dump site,” said Mr Mwanza. TALC has expressed concern at the absence of secure waste bins which has lead to the inappropriate disposal of condoms through the sewer system, thus leading to blockages.

LWSC recently disclosed that over 1,000 used condoms were being collected from the sewerage system everyday at the treatments plants at Manchinchi, Chunga, Kaunda Square and Chelstone.

Mr Mwanza has called on the people to be more responsible and ensure they avoided throwing condoms in toilets, but instead find better methods of disposal which did not interfere with sewer services.

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One Response to “Condoms in sewer system blessing in disguise”

  1. henry mghalu says:

    Protection means UA protecting your self means protecting others,cheers guys for that


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