Dark Secrets

THE dirty secrets must be exposed.

For more than 13 years this country has been under siege by a secretive but highly vicious cartel that has wielded media and state prosecution power. The lethal combination has led to serious abuses of state power. Under a campaign of calumny, deceit and outright fraud disguised as a crusade against corruption people have been harassed to their early graves while others have lost property, character and livelihoods.

Time has come for the nation must be cleansed from this evil. There must be a genuine catharsis that will result from a lancing of the “cartel” boil, because the rot is deep and substantive. Some individuals burrowed deep into state power from which they reaped unjustified benefit and it shows.

By design the state has the monopoly of violence and coercive power on the understanding that democratic rulers wielding the power will be subject to the dictates of public will. In other words Governments social contract with the electorate is to promote the common good.

Whereas citizens have willingly given up some of their rights for the common good, this goodwill has been usurped by the cartel which has used it to wage an economic self empowerment campaign in the disguise of waging a popular corruption crusade.

In the process people have been injured, some have even died, while the cartel has amassed wealth and power, resulting in pervasion and adulteration of the political legitimacy. Power has been exercised without authority and justification.

That is why the head of the Anti Corruption Commission Captain Kayukwa could be removed from office against the laid down procedures, because he was considered inimical to the interests of the cartel.

That is also why three Judges could be removed from office because they were seen as endangering the interests of the cartel.

This is not how it should be, but it is being done because of the pervasion of power.

Zambians have a right to know what went wrong. Indeed they need to know what really transpired after the rightful Director of Public Prosecution Mukelabai Mukelabai was hounded out office. What resources were allocated to the disbanded task force on corruption, who received the money, indeed what happened to the  assets that  were seized and where has the money gone to?

What about the corrupt oil deals. Where has the money gone to?

The Patriotic Front must not harbor any illusions about the cartel. Over the years it has amassed wealth, influence and logistical resources which are destined to come in play in the 2016 elections. The PF, which is in office by the goodwill of the Zambian people, is completely outmatched.

The cartel has money and the media in yet, another lethal combination that will wreak havoc on traditional politics.

Information on the ground  reveals that campaigns for 2016 have already heated up with unprecedented investment of vehicles and full time personnel, all paid for from corrupt deals and sheer theft of sequestrated funds from Government.

The starting point is a public inquiry. The people responsible must be brought to account and it is clear that in all these schemes the  same names feature very prominently over and over again. Time has come for the truth to be told.


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