Cartel spies on Ministers


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should not underrate the notorious cartel that held his predecessor, Michael Sata, hostage because the gang still has immense criminal influence in the governance system of the country, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has said.

Mr Changala has disclosed that he has been reliably informed that the offices of Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda and that of the Solicitor General Abraham Mwansa were bugged and that all conversations in the said offices were being centrally monitored at a central location by members of the cartel.

Mr Changala said the clique that held President Sata hostage had extensively infiltrated all State institutions such as the intelligence, the police and other security wings and that was why the stealing of classified Government documents and leaking of State secrets had continued in President Lungu’s administration.

He told the Daily Nation that some strategic Government ministries and other State security departments were being monitored by unauthorized groups of individuals with the view of stripping naked President Lungu’s administration so that it could fail and collapse.

Mr Changala said there was a scheme by the cartel in which classified Government documents were being traded and published by some media house in the name of press freedom in order to undermine State security so that President Lungu’s Government could be brought down.

“I am appealing to President Edgar Lungu as a Ngoni warrior to learn one philosophy from Shaka Zulu that never leave an enemy behind for he shall rise and attack you again.

The President must learn a lesson from former president Rupiah Banda who left his enemy standing and today, he is a hunted citizen by his arch enemies. President Lungu must not underrate the cartel that held President Sata hostage as they still have a lot of criminal influence in the governance system,” Mr Changala said.

He said the cartel was using stolen State secrets and classified Government documents to propagate hate speech, ridicule, spite and psyche citizens so that they could rise against a legitimately elected Government.

Mr Changala stated that President Lungu and his cabinet should act swiftly in dealing with the cartel which was determined to continue undermining Government stating that there was a danger that the clique could be ahead in extracting classified information and giving it to their allies some of whom were media houses.

Mr Changala said President Lungu must be awake to the fact that the cartel had just lost State power and were not going to allow the Head of State govern the country without causing confusion.

“What I am raising are matters of serious national security for there is no Government that has no secrets. This includes Cambodia, Lybia and Syria and Zambia certainly have secrets for the country to be governed smoothly and properly,” he said.

The civil rights activist said it was unfortunate that the intelligence system had completely been infiltrated to the extent of becoming moribund while the entire police command was behaving like they had a different commander in-chief other then President Lungu.

Mr Changala said the cartel was taking advantage of the polarized intelligence and police systems and were freely destabilising both Government and the country.

He said  there was a possibility that most of the ministers serving under President Lungu have their offices bugged and that there was need to recheck the security system if the Lungu administration was going to avoid blackmail.

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