Rainbow can’t be PF alternative-Chama



RAINBOW Party president Wynter Kabimba is a day dreamer whose desire to become Republican President will remain  unattainable, Patriotic Front secretary general Davis Chama has said.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr. Chama said it was shocking that Mr. Kabimba was now accusing the PF of being a violent party when it was under his leadership as PF secretary general that the party experienced unprecedented violence both internally and in the country at large.

Mr. Chama said Zambians were aware of Mr. Kabimba’s conduct and therefore they would not allow him to ascend to the Presidency.

“Mr. Kabimba likes dreaming and he thinks Zambians have forgotten how violent the PF was when he was secretary general of the party. He should not forget that some of us were sidelined because we criticized the violence when he was PF SG.

Has he forgotten that it was under him that PF cadres, his own boys, moved with coffins in denouncing his conduct?” he asked.

Mr. Chama said the assumption that he was creating the Rainbow Party as an alternative to the PF was a dream by lazy people.

He said the PF under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu was today struggling to rebuild the image of the party because of the violence which was in the party.

Mr Chama said the PF was a reformed party which did not believe in violence, tribalism and arrogance by its leaders as the case was before.

“Mr. Kabimba left a bad legacy in the PF. And we have managed to address that. That is why the PF now is clean of violence. All violent cadres have gone to the Rainbow and those are the people who are still masquerading as PF members,” he said.

Mr. Chama said the PF would continue to be in Government beyond 2016 because the party and its leadership had exhibited high levels of integrity and  respect for the rule of law by making Zambia a better place for all.

And Mr. Chama has urged the people of Zambia to denounce violence and refuse leaders promoting the vice in the country.

He said violence breeds chaos, adding that Zambia was blessed to have a leadership which promoted peace, unity and stability for the whole nation.

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