There is no doubt that President Edgar Lungu’s Government is in trouble with the cartel leaking confidential documents and the earlier the Patriotic Front realises this, the better.

The relentless leakage of top secret correspondence meant for the Republican President is nothing to smile about by the PF but something that they should act upon.

If the leakage of secret documents in the PF is not stopped, the entire governance system will grind to a halt, rendering the ruling party incapable of taking any governance decisions.

Only last year, Zambia’s economic life line was almost saved, but for a leaked letter to President Michael Sata, proposing the revision of the application of the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Value Added Tax (VAT) rule 18, nothing happened.

There was a campaign against the author of the letter to the President, Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda who was accused of trying to benefit the mines so that his ‘company’, which also supplies to the mines, can receive its payments.

Despite explanation from Government and the mining sector that VAT rule 18 in its form then was rigid and the consequences would result in drained liquidity for reinvestment and operation for the mines, those who had an agenda with the leaked document relentlessly castigated Mr Chikwanda, painting him black in the eyes of the public.

Government failed to act on VAT rule 18 for which ZRA had even issued a Gazette notice and the consequences are all there to see.

A few weeks ago, Barrick Lumwana Mine announced its intention to place the mine on care and maintenance if there was no change in the tax regime, a measure which could have resulted in the loss of 4,000 direct jobs while indirect one could have been in tens of thousands.

It is sad that the negotiations over tax measures in the mining sector, which could have been done last year, are only taking place this year.

Only last week, another confidential letter written by Mr Chikwanda to President Lungu over the happenings at Zesco Limited found its way in the public domain, rendering correspondence which was meant for the head of State just another letter.

If there were any measures that were supposed to be taken at Zesco following Mr Chikwanda’s letter, they have not been done as everybody would have known the ‘instigator’.

Despite all those leakages, President Lungu’s Government seems not bothered about having civil servants who are moles and spies.

We say this because we are seeing no effort to put an end to the selling of confidential information as we have not seen any action pointing to Government’s resolve to root out moles in the public service.

The Police command must also take its share of the blame for the problem because despite having been specifically directed to investigate the leakages and stolen documents at the Ministry of Justice last year, nothing has been done todate.

Government should act now otherwise the dangers of treating what is happening now as a small matter will backfire.

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