Nawakwi hate for Chikwanda inconceivable

FORUM for Democracy and Development president Edith Nawakwi’s hate for Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda is unbelievable, Patriotic Front official Sunday Chanda has observed.

Reacting to Ms. Nawakwi’s statement that the appointment of new Bank of Zambia governor Danny Kalyalya would not yield any tangible results if President Edgar Lungu did not replace Mr. Chikwanda as minister, Mr. Chanda accused Ms. Nawakwi of harbouring personal hatred against the minister.

He said Ms. Nawakwi was not being genuine with her criticism of Mr. Chikwanda as she had failed to offer solutions.

“I want to challenge Ms. Nawakwi to come out in the open and admit that she is bitter with the appointment of Mr. Chikwanda. Let her tell us so that we know where these things are coming from. I understand Ms. Nawakwi frustration especially that Mr. Chikwanda has not taken time to respond to her baseless accusations. Let her offer solutions rather than personal; attacks she has gotten into,” said Mr. Chanda.

He said Ms. Nawakwi’s political fortunes were dwindling and therefore, her attacks on Mr. Chikwanda were trying by all means to attract public attention on issues she was misrepresenting.

“Ms. Nawakwi was Minister of Finance before and I am sure that her job had challenges just like the one the country is facing now. And for her to attack Mr. Chikwanda whom she always refer to as her elder brother publicly like that, it’s unfortunate and that brotherhood and sisterhood is not genuine,” said Mr. Chanda.

Ms. Nawakwi said keeping Mr. Chikwanda as Finance Minister would not take the country anywhere and would cost the nation.

She said President Lungu had an opportunity to get rid of Mr. Chikwanda upon winning the election last months but that he lost it after reappointing him to the same position.

Ms. Nawakwi said the effectiveness of Dr. Kalyalya would not be realised because there was a miss match between the Bank of Zambia and the Ministry of Finance, adding that there was need to clean up if the country was to make any meaningful gains.

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