Dismissal of Chitundu dividing PF

SOME Patriotic Front (PF) members have charged that the dismissal of Cyprian Chitundu as Zesco chief executive has divided the ruling party and have accused senior State House officials of misleading President Edgar Lungu in some of the decisions he has been making.

The cadres said the dismissal of Mr Chitundu and the appointment of some senior State House officials had created factions in the party and that unless President Lungu quickly managed the disenchantment among members, the ruling party would be weakened again.

The PF members, who did not want to be named claimed that some senior Government and party officials have been holding clandestine meetings at a named hotel in Lusaka where they were planning covert operations against the smooth running of the country.

They said Mr Chitundu had contributed immensely to the victory of the PF and that it was unfortunate that Mines, Energy and Water Development minister Christopher Yaluma had allegedly influenced the dismissal of the former Zesco chief.

They told the Daily Nation that some senior PF and Government officials thought they owned President Lungu and were shielding him from meeting party members who had campaigned hard for his victory.

“We know that the President is being misled by some people whose agenda is to make him unpopular. What we are seeing is not what we were expecting. Some senior officials have been having clandestine meetings in some hotel and have been making covert plans of how to make the President unpopular by wrongly advising him. It was through one of these meetings that Mr Chitundu was dismissed,” the cadres said. The cadres said they were not happy that President Lungu had abandoned his security team that protected him during his campaigns and had maintained the same security detail president Michael Sata was using.

They complained that senior PF officials have been telling cadres that they should not be seen near the President because they would only be needed in the 2016 general elections.

“We see no reason why the President could abandon his security personnel that were with him for three months. We are not happy that he has been taken away from us but we are not going to lose him this time. We know what is happening and we know who is against the governance style of President Lungu,” the cadres said.


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