Transporters should reduce prices in reply to cheaper fuel

I WOULD like to appreciate your newspaper for the efforts it is making in bringing out consumer concerns in the country.

I would like to contribute to your column by commenting on the recent fuel price reduction which should have been a blessing to the ordinary person but instead it seems to be only benefiting a few people, in this case, transporters and private motorists.

It is not only bus and taxi operators who should be persuaded to reduce fares, but also other transporters including light and heavy duty trucks which are mostly used in ferrying of goods from various places within and outside Zambia.

I have noticed how the passenger transport service providers have been challenged to reduce their charges and yet transporters of goods and services were also enjoying the recent fuel pump prices.

This was actually the more sensitive sector which affects prices of essential goods and products from wholesalers to retailers and eventually to the individual households.

It should be realized that once fuel prices go down, even transport costs for both passengers and goods should be reduced in order to take the benefits to the ultimate beneficiary, the consumer.

It is therefore my appeal that as the Minister of Transport  Yamfwa Mukanga was looking at possibilities of reducing passenger fares, maybe he should also consider other transporters in the sector including those movers of building materials, groceries, timber and petroleum, to help widen the ripple effect of the 23 per cent January fuel pump price reduction in the country.

I believe this is the only way the consumer can feel the effects of the downward adjustments in the fuel pump price.

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