Nchito should never

‘have been DPP’MUTEMBO Nchito should not have accepted the job of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) because he knew that his credibility and integrity were tattered and completely fractured by several of the alleged illegal dealings he was involved in, former deputy minister of Agriculture  in the Chiluba administration Alfred Ndhlovu has said.

He  said Mr Nchito was a qualified lawyer who should have known that he had  ‘’baggage’’  which was restricting him from holding a constitutional office that demanded high levels of integrity and morality.

Mr Ndhlovu said for some reason Mr Nchito ignored the signs that his past was going to haunt him.

He said calls by Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba that President Edgar Lungu should intervene in the DPP’s cases were “administratively and politically” misplaced because the Head of State as a competent lawyer believed in the rule of law and would therefore not involve himself in the criminal matters Mr Nchito was facing.

Mr Ndhlovu said Mr Nchito had stepped on the toes of many Zambians most of whom had been framed up in cases that never existed and that the DPP together with his allies were enjoying and celebrating the suffering of citizens they selected to politically punish.

He said Mr Nchito and his clique had been behaving like surrogate presidents over the years they enjoyed the protection of the presidency but that President Lungu had shown that he was a man of his own and could not be held hostage by any cartel.

“President Lungu has no obligation even to comment on what is happening to Mr Nchito because the DPP has created that situation for himself. Mr. Nchito is a qualified lawyer and should have known that he had baggage that restricted him from becoming DPP. He ignored the signs and he is now facing the consequences. Mr Nchito stepped on other people’s toes and most of them were innocent. How many former presidents has he maliciously persecuted under the guise of fighting corruption? The bells that tolled for those he persecuted are tolling for him now,” Mr. Ndhlovu said.

He said the K14 billion Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) loan Mr Nchito and his business partners, Fred M’membe and his elder brother Nchima Nchito, contracted by fraudulent misrepresentation was one of the reasons Mr Nchito should not have been allowed to become DPP.

He demanded that the DBZ loan should be paid back because the bank was not a commercial entity but a public institution that was meant to serve Zambians.

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