Mutembo a flight risk – Fr Bwalya

DIRECTOR of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito is likely to flee the country and his action of refusing to voluntarily accompany the police to Chongwe warrants public demand for his immediate resignation, Agenda for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has said.

Fr Bwalya warned that since Mr Nchito had exhibited traits of evading the law by running away from the police and that the police had to break the doors at his house to arrest him, there was a danger that the DPP could run away from the country at any given opportunity.

Fr Bwalya said revelations that the police had to break the door to fish Mr Nchito out of his bedroom was a big scandal that should force him to resign from his position.

He said it was his expectation that a man occupying the office of the DPP would never have attempted to run away from the law, whether he was falsely accused or not and should have behaved in a responsible manner by accompanying the police without being forced.

Fr Bwalya said Mr Nchito as the DPP should have complied with every step of the law rather than attempting to run and hide from the law which he has constitutionally sworn to respect, defend and protect.

He told the Daily Nation yesterday that Zambians had not forgotten that Mr Nchito in connivance with his allies were the people who influenced the State machinery to withhold former president Rupiah Banda’s passport and at one time prevented him from travelling to South Africa for his routine medical check-up

He explained that Mr Nchito and his friends maliciously prevented Mr Banda to go to South Africa for medical check-up when the former president was never a flight risk and never showed any sign of being a flight risk.

“The information that DPP Mutembo Nchito refused to voluntarily accompany the police to Chongwe and that the police had to break his bedroom door to fish him out is a big scandal to make him resign. I would have expected that a man occupying such a position as DPP would never run away from the law whether he was falsely accused or not. As it is now, Mr Nchito poses as a flight risk.”  “Zambians will remember that it was Mr Nchito and his friends who influenced the State machinery to withhold former president Banda’s passport and prevented him from going for treatment and yet Mr Banda never attempted to run away and never showed signs of being a flight risk,” Fr Bwalya said.

He said the action by Mr Nchito to hide from the law should cause Zambians to demand for his resignation or the country risked being turned into a laughing stock of having a DPP who was running away from the law.

Fr Bwalya said the story in the Post Newspaper alleging that Kelvin Bwalya Fube was sent by President Lungu to ask his brother to resign had been refuted and challenged Nchima Nchito and Fred M’membe to prove their allegations.

“We demand that Mr Nchima Nchito and the Post should prove their allegations because we have seen that the Post Newspaper getting into a dangerous habit of writing falsehoods which amounts to unprofessional and unethical conduct for a media house. If the Post has no proof, we demand that they apologise to President Lungu, Mr Fube and the country at large,” Fr Bwalya said.

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2 Responses to “Mutembo a flight risk – Fr Bwalya”

  1. spinx says:

    this thing of when there is government change then everything turns bad for some people is not good at all,i know mutembo nchito has not paid the 14 and 21 plus million owed to DBZ but to be treated like that is not good at all, when sata was there everything seemed to have okay but why now as if PF is voted out.

  2. Jkid says:

    we don’t think you are a serious politician so find something to ba bwalya,


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