MMD needs healing

There is an urgent need for the MMD to seek counsel from veteran politicians in  an effort to resolve their internal party wrangles if they are to revive their political fortunes.

The challenges that the MMD is going through, if not resolved, have the potential of permanently destabilising the former ruling party.

In its current form, the former ruling party may lose any chance of offering a reasonable challenge to the other political parties in the political arena.

With the general elections less than 17 months away, the internal challenges the former ruling party is facing may confine it to the political archives.

The MMD should take lessons from what happened to the United National Independence Party.

In fact, the day of reckoning is coming sooner rather than later if the MMD continues on its current path.

Only last month in  the January 20 Presidential election, MMD president Nevers Mumba came  fourth when only three years ago, the former ruling party came second.

This should tell the leadership of MMD something.

The MMD which has 38 parliamentarians was even beaten by FDD which has one member of Parliament.

The MMD should not forget that there will be the Chawama and Masaiti by-elections in April and as a divided political party, they might not put up a reasonable challenge.

There is the  possibility of different MMD camps which campaigned for other political party presidents in the January 20 election going back to the previous arrangements.

It will not be surprising to see MMD members who campaigned for Patriotic Front president Edgar Lungu teaming up to campaign for PF parliamentary candidates in the two  April by-elections.

We also do not rule out the possibility of MMD members who campaigned for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema joining hands again to campaign for UPND parliamentary by-election candidates.

Therefore, it is imperative for the MMD leadership to adopt meaningful conflict management skills to ensure peace returned to the former ruling party.

The heavy handedness of expelling as many as 18 leaders which the MMD leadership has taken will not promote peace but rather weaken the party further.

Dialogue and negotiations must prevail for the party to survive as the formidable party it once was 

We are saying all those things not to promote indiscipline in the MMD but two very hardened positions will not bond well for the party.

Any organisation needs a disciplined membership to achieve certain objectives .The MMD needs disciplined members who will pull in the same direction.

The events prior to the January 20, 2015 presidential election did not show up members committed to the ideals of the former ruling party.

But we cannot judge any of the groupings because we were not insiders and not privy to the various political agreements and machinations that have not been made public.

Therefore, our advice is for the MMD to seek the best political brains to provide the Solomon counsel to decide who should take the baby on the way forward.

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One Response to “MMD needs healing”

  1. mary banda says:

    Nevers Sekwila Mumba is the disease in MMD. The man has run away from going to Ninive. He is the Jonnah who must be jettisoned from the MMD Presidency. Nevers is not a politician, he is in politics purely out of lust and envy for political affluence. He has no political wisdom to inspire any followers enough to win the race to State House.


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