Nchito must face the law – PF

DIRECTOR of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito must come out of hiding and surrender himself to law enforcement agencies if he believes he has not committed any transgression against Zambians, Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davis Chama has said.

Mr Chama said Mr Nchito had over the years pontificated respect for the rule of law and should be the last person to begin evading the course of justice by escaping from lawful custody.

Mr Chama said the charges Mr Nchito had been accused of were grave and he should be ready to face the law so that he could clear his name.

He said if Mr Nchito had any professional morals, the best he could have done to save his integrity and that of the justice system was to step aside from his post as DPP so that he could have time to exonerate himself from the allegations he was facing.

Mr Chama said Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba was “the worst hypocrite behaving like a political demagogue” by insinuating that Mr Nchito was a victim of persecution when the offences he was facing were committed long before the PF came into power.

He said it was surprising that a named media house was generating falsehoods  over who was influencing President Lungu’s decisions on who to appoint and how to govern the country.

Mr Chama said President Lungu, as a competent lawyer, believed in the rule of law and that he was not going to be coerced into interfering with institutions of governance such as the judiciary and the legislature.

He said it was unbelievable that Mr Nchito could violate the rule of law when he was the man holding a critical position in the cunntry’s criminal justice system, adding that Zambia had realized what kind of a DPP they had who did not believe in the rule of law.

“They have been accusing former president Rupiah Banda of influencing President Lungu in his decisions. Now we read that Mr Richard Sakala is supporting President Lungu and is calling the shots.

Let Mr Kabimba know that President Lungu strongly believes in the rule of law and not of man.

Mr Kabimba has been preaching respect for the rule of law and let him advise his friend, Mr Nchito, to come out of hiding and face the law if he is clean.

Why should he be on the run if he is clean? What is he afraid of,” Mr Chama said.

He said no amount of propaganda against President Lungu would make him depart from pursuing the principles of good governance and democracy and that it was shocking that Mr Kabimba was demanding that the Head of State should intervene in Mr Nchito’s cases.

He said Mr Nchito was a citizen like any other and was not above the law for him to dictate that the law should treat him differently because he had the privilege of holding a constitutional office.

Mr Chama said Mr Nchito was in-charge of determining which cases should be prosecuted and should therefore respect his office by surrendering himself to the police so that he could be cleared of the allegations.

He said the allegations civil rights activist Brebner Changala had raised against Mr Nchito happened long before President Lungu was elected Head of State and it was injudicious for Mr Kabimba and his allies to claim that the DPP was being victimized.


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