Muhabi ready to be jailed over injustices

MOVEMENT for Multiparty  Democracy (MMD) national secretary Muhabi Lungu has charged that the police and the judiciary have abrasively violated his rights and is today going to surrender himself to police and go to jail to cast light on the judiciary which he said is  not prepared to respect the course of justice.

Mr Lungu has specifically accused Lusaka Province police commissioner Charity Katanga of viciously pursuing him and personally cancelling his press conference at Chrisma Hotel on Saturday because she had allegedly taken sides on what was happening in the MMD.

Mr Lungu said he was horrified by the manner in which the judiciary had conducted itself towards him, stating that he was shocked that Lusaka High Court Judge-in-Charge Isaac Chali decided to discharge his case in which he was challenging his expulsion without hearing the matter.

He said he was prepared to go to jail for contempt for accusing Judge Chali of defeating the course of justice by disposing of his case without giving him (Lungu) a chance to be heard, adding that the reason the judge gave that the matter had been overtaken by events was “injudicious and unjustifiable”.

Mr Lungu said he personally felt he was being persecuted by the police and the judiciary which he charged were not prepared to hear his side but were quick to pursue him for crimes he did not commit.

He said he was not ready to continue living in a country where both the police and the judiciary were unwilling to respect the rights of citizens.

He vowed that he would today take himself to Woodlands police without a lawyer to prove that what he was going through as an individual was as a result of the failure by the police and the judiciary to protect his rights.

“I am going to police tomorrow (today) because I feel I have been abrasively ill-treated by both the police and the judiciary. I took the matter of my expulsion to court and Judge Chali decided to discharge the matter without hearing me. I am horrified by the way the judiciary is defeating the course of justice to serve the interest of individuals and I am prepared to go to jail for contempt over this matter. I am also prepared to go to jail for defying the police to have a press conference in my house. I am not prepared to live in a country where the police and the judiciary are unprepared to respect my rights,” Mr Lungu said.

He said he had written a letter to the police to protect him and attend the press conference but Ms Katanga decided to cancel the event for reasons that were unjustifiable.

He said it was shocking that the police were planning to arrest him for meeting the media in his own yard, adding that Zambia was not an autocratic country where the police could withdraw citizens’ rights at any time.

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