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VETERAN politician Vernon Mwaanga has said it is heartening that President Edgar Lungu has shown willingness to depart from the “abrasive style” of governing that was pursued by his predecessor, former president Michael Sata.

Dr Mwaanga said although it was normal and difficult for a new President to give his Government a new stamp, President Lungu had demonstrated that he was bold enough in making some of the difficult decisions which reflected his style and approach on how he was going to govern the country.

He said President Lungu had completed forming his Cabinet to help him deliver the promises he made to Zambians during his campaigns.

Dr Mwaanga commended President Lungu for combining the old and the new in his Cabinet and abandoning the abrasive style of governance which was adopted by president Sata.

He said appointing a balanced Cabinet in Zambia was not an easy undertaking because of the diversity of tribes and its long history of regional balancing.

He stated that President Lungu should take maximum care to ensure that, to a greater extent, the ethnic and competence balance was achieved in the formation of Government.

Dr Mwaanga said he hoped that as Parliament would be restructuring ministries as proposed by President Lungu, the provinces which were not yet represented in the new Cabinet would become part of the inclusive government.

He said President Lungu had to a large extent appointed men and women in his Cabinet who he described as level-headed who would be of great asset to the Head of State and the governance of the country.

“After every presidential election, it is normal for the new President to give his government a fresh stamp which reflects his style and approach to governance. President Edgar Lungu has appointed his Cabinet from the old and the new to help him deliver on his campaign promises to Zambians. This is how it should be. He has been bold in some of his choices and decisions and has shown willingness to depart from the somewhat abrasive style of his predecessor Michael Sata,” Dr Mwaanga said. Dr Mwaanga, however, cautioned that there were what he called some loose cannons in Cabinet that President Lungu would have to closely watch because of their propensity for mischief and unnecessary confrontation which could easily be a source of embarrassment to the Head of State and his Government.

He said he was hopeful that President Lungu would not hesitate to remove truant ministers for opting to fight what he termed needless wars which infringed on the freedoms Zambians fought hard to achieve.

“President Lungu has recognized Henry Kanyanta Sosala as the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people which was one of the campaign promises. The country will be waiting to see how he delivers on the new Constitution before 2016, which Zambians have been demanding for the last 12 years. He was bold enough as Justice Minister to release the final draft of the new Constitution during the jubilee week,” Dr Mwaanga said.

He said every new President deserved to be given a chance to do what was right for the country and that the Head of State deserved a “season of goodwill” from all Zambians.


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