DIRECTOR of Public Prosecutions  Mutembo Nchito should not make Zambians believe that in our judicial system, one is guilty until proven innocent.

This can be a wrong belief as many suspects may start referring to Mr Nchito’s antics in Chongwe when they run away from law enforcement agencies.

What made Mr Nchito run away from the Police before completing law enforcement procedures?

Does he believe in the gossip that our judicial system criminalises suspects before they are actually found guilty?

Our judicial system is very clear about processes and it subscribes to the notion that one is innocent until proven guilty.

This is what Mr Nchito should have demonstrated in his interaction with the Police in Chongwe.

But we are surprised that the man in charge of the prosecution system in our country acted dishonourably while in Chongwe.

Instead of showing Zambians that there was nothing to fear under our legal process, Mr Nchito showed a serious lack of etiquette and respect for procedure that he is all too familiar with.

Is Mutembo Nchito telling Zambians something that we do not know, that it is alright to run away from custody of  the Police when they are facing allegations of committing a crime?

Mutembo Nchito should come out in the open and clarify issues about his conduct or misconduct before the whole law enforcement system falls apart.

If what he did in Chongwe is acceptable, then perhaps the law will need to change so that citizens  are in no doubt about what is expected of suspects or those under Police custody.

It is quite clear that the daring escape was calculated, planned and thought out, reminiccent  of James Bond.

He also switched of his mobile phones and he has not been heard from since Thursday.

If his running away from Police custody was not deliberate, Zambians could have heard from him yesterday and he would have clarified  why he left in a hurry without following Police procedure.

For now Mutembo Nchito will be looked at as a man who does not respect the very law he was employed to oversee and to ensure is respected by all citizens regardless.

How will he handle cases involving suspects who escape from lawful custody and later are rearrested?Just how will the men and women of the bench look at our Director of Public Prosecutions?

These are questions that need honest answers from the Police and Mutembo Nchito.

As we have said, Mutembo Nchito should not make Zambians believe that our judicial system  finds suspects guilty before being proved innocent.

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