MMD Central demands extraordinary Convention

MMD Central Province vice-chairman George Kangwa has charged that the MMD national executive committee (NEC) must call for an extraordinary convention to save the ruling party from total collapse because party president Nevers Mumba is allegedly running the party like a personal business.

But MMD national secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima said the Supreme Court judgment on Tuesday was a watershed ruling that had affirmed the legitimacy of party leader, Dr Nevers Mumba.

Mr. Kangwa accused Dr. Mumba of waging a vengeance war against his perceived enemies using uncalled for suspensions.

He said the MMD constitution demanded that one third of the provinces could petition for the extraordinary general conference and that so far Eastern, Southern, Western, Lusaka and Central provinces have resolved to petition the NEC but are disappointed that Dr. Mumba wanted to have a convention in 2017.

He explained that instead of the general convention, there was need for an extra-ordinary convention to usher in new leaders.

Mr. Kangwa accused Dr. Mumba of destroying the party by overlooking the party programmes such as card renewal exercises and indiscriminate suspensions.

He said he was chairman for Central Province but because of his outspokenness, Dr. Mumba replaced him with former Luano MP Sydney Chisanga who has since been replaced by a named party official.

“Dr. Mumba has destroyed the former ruling party by totally ignoring party functionaries and traditions, he has also been having illegal NEC meetings with unknown individuals to arrive at decisions to suspend and expel other officials,” said Mr. Kangwa.

But Mr Mbulakulima said Mr Muhabi Lungu’s group should rethink their clandestine activities and reflect on their conduct as the judgment was a watershed ruling that had affirmed the legitimacy of Dr Mumba.

Addressing the press yesterday at the MMD secretariat, Mr Mbulakulima said it was clear that the MMD rebel group was standing on a shaky ground adding that Muhabi’s faction had lost two legal cases against the MMD within a space of a month.

‘’The fact that the court threw out their case is a clear testimony that this rebel group is standing on very shaky ground. This is the second time that it has lost a legal case against the party within a space of one month.

‘’On 18th December 2014 the same group lamentably failed in the Supreme Court in their misguided attempt to prevent Dr. Mumba from filing in his nomination papers as MMD candidate for the 20th January 2015 presidential election and from discharging his duties as party president,’’ said Mr Mbulakulima.

He said the Supreme Court and the High Court have “loudly told the Muhabi group to rethink their underground activities, reflect on their conduct and desist from the current anarchy” they are engaging in.

The Lusaka High Court judge in-charge Isaac Chali on Monday discharged a matter in which national secretary Muhabi Lungu and his deputy Chembe Nyangu had challenged their expulsion without hearing the case.

The court dismissed the matter because it has been overtaken by events following conclusion of the presidential election last month. The duo has since filed an application to set aside the ruling so that the matter could be heard.


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