‘PF, MMD must merge’

A POLITICAL merger between the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and its ally, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), would create a formidable national party with representation in all the provinces, Copperbelt Province PF chairman Stardy Mwale has suggested.

The two parties, he said, had a lot in common as they were national in character and outlook.

“If the PF and the MMD would agree to continue working together by merging or an alliance, that would be in the best interest of Zambians as it would reduce political acrimony and fighting that characterize political activities. It is party affiliation and loyalty that sometimes breeds violence among members. The PF and the MMD worked very well in the last presidential election and I am sure working together again would be good. But ultimately, I cannot speak on behalf of President Lungu who is the head of our party and the secretary general. But for me, I am already working with the MMD and so far we are happy with our relationship,” Mr Mwale said.

He said Zambians were one people and that political association should never make them foes because politics was about competing to serve citizens and not to fight each other.

Mr Mwale disclosed that the ruling party on the Copperbelt was already working with the MMD and that if President Edgar Lungu as head of the ruling party saw the need for the two political parties to continue working together in the 20126 general elections, there was a possibility that the merger would reduce political acrimony resulting from party affiliations.

Mr Mwale said it would be for benefit of Zambians if the two political parties could agree to work together in 2016 because that would enhance unity among Zambians and would reduce intra-party fights among cadres.

He told the Daily Nation that if it was the wish of the MMD and the ruling PF to continue working together, the members would have no objection to a merger because peace and unity among citizens was of paramount importance as opposed to self-political interests.

Mr Mwale said the PF doors would remain open to all  those desiring to join the party and that advice from the opposition political parties would be valued because the party did not want to listen to its own voice.

Mr Mwale said the ruling party would be conducting a postmortem of how it performed in the last presidential election so that it could make corrections and improve on its weaknesses.

He said the ruling party was assessing its performance and would soon embark on a recruitment exercise in preparation for the 2016 general elections.

He said the ruling party would be in Government beyond 2016 because President Lungu had brought with him new hope and invigorated the spirit of reconciliation and hard work.

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4 Responses to “‘PF, MMD must merge’”

  1. kasonde says:

    I wonder if Mr. MWALE would have issued this statement if Mr SATA was still alive.
    its a big shame on PF.

  2. Jj says:

    Mmd is dead. Its members have already moved to upnd and few corrupt ones to pf.

  3. scorescore says:

    All we need is unity God bless our country,thats a good suggestion.

  4. FuManchu says:

    Fine, let parties start marrying! MMD engineered by RB is headed to be married by PF (MMD is feminine while PF is masculine). Maybe this will bring some sanity and reduce number of joker parties!


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