LCC razes illegal structures at Garden compound Park

The demolition of illegal structures at Garden compound’s Shmuzi Park by Lusaka City Council (LCC) has cheered residents in the area.

One of the elated residents Mr Rabson Msoni said the move by the local authority was most welcome as the land in question was given to the residents by the council.

“The residents of  Garden compound are happy with the move by the council to demolish those illegal structures at this  park because the land was given to residents by the council,” said Mr Msoni.

The council at the weekend demolished all illegal structures in the area known as Esther in Garden compound.

Meanwhile Mr Msoni has appealed to the LCC to construct a drainage system that will stand the test of time.

“We are urging the local authority to consider erecting a drainage system that will be durable because currently there is a lot of flooding in the area because of blocked drainages,” he said.

Mr Msoni explained that the current drainage system in the city could not hold huge volumes of rain water which led to persistent flooding.

“There is no doubt  that the current drainage system in the city cannot hold large volumes of water each time it rains,” he said

There has been concern over the poor drainage system in the city which has left many roads and surrounding areas submerged in flood waters.


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One Response to “LCC razes illegal structures at Garden compound Park”

  1. Smokie robinson says:

    Shame on the LCC ,they have failed 2 bring sanity , cleaness along all roads of lsk town center. Assorted Alcholic beverages are sold as early as 6am until 11pm right there at the corner of freedomway and katondo at the former stanley bar premises and the Lcc is fully aware and has always been aware of the illegal selling of alcholic drinks . HOW kud the the Lcc have the balls to go 2 garden and distroy pipos livellyhood. I swear upon the dead jesus , i shall avenge and apply boko haram ways. The lcc has just declared war which it shall neva win. I urge the PF govt. 2 correct this mess b 4 they regrate within the 18months. Remove all street vendors pf carder or not they must move out not or else !! “rules of boko haram came into effect within 24hrs”


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