Chingola DC locked out

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) cadres yesterday locked up the office of Chingola district commissioner (DC) Roy Nang’alelwa because they suspect him of organizing meetings for the opposition Rainbow Party in the area.

And PF Copperbelt provincial chairman Stardy Mwale has said he will not defend any DC on the Copperbelt found to be campaigning for the opposition Rainbow party because such action was a clear indication of being disloyal to the PF.

Mr Mwale said most of the DCs on the Copperbelt would not have their contracts renewed because they were organising meetings and campaigning for Rainbow Party in their districts, instead of monitoring development projects in their areas.

The PF Copperbelt provincial chairman issued the warning during a meeting with constituency and district leaders at Kalulushi High School in Kalulushi which was not attended by Kalulushi district commissioner Kampamba Mulenga.

“Most of the DCs are members of the Rainbow Party and this is why some of our cadres are locking up their offices because they know them to be members of the Rainbow Party. As provincial chairman, I will not defend any DC who is working with the Rainbow Party because they are being disloyal to the party.

“We know DCs who are working with the Rainbow Party and so we shall see who will renew their contracts when their contracts come to an end in the next one or two weeks. We will not renew their contracts and we will see if the Rainbow Party will renew their contracts,” he said.

Mr Mwale, who held similar meetings in Chambishi and Kitwe, also cautioned party leaders at constituency and district level that any body found holding dark corner meetings with Rainbow Party leaders would be expelled because PF wanted genuine, honest and committed members of the party.

He said PF was not shaken with the formation of Rainbow Party and challenged the opposition political party to participate in the parliamentary and local government by-election to prove whether it was a strong party.

“Rainbow is not a force in the political arena and so, as PF, we are not shaken.

If Rainbow wants to test its popularity, it should participate in the by-elections so that we see how it will fair. I can assure you, PF will whack Rainbow Party. Rainbow is getting rejects from PF.

“The leader of Rainbow has never won an election at branch level, do you expect him to win the Presidency or the general election? No, he can’t win an election. If people can celebrate about somebody’s dismissal, then there is a problem,” Mr Mwale said.

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