Rainbow Party has no manifesto

THE Rainbow Party should first unveil their manifesto and ideology before claiming that they will form the next government after the 2016 general elections, Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka district strongman Julius Komaki has said.

Mr Komaki said leaders of the Rainbow Party were concentrating on selling their individual political images instead of selling their manifesto which he said was the blueprint for any serious political party with the desire to govern.

He said a political party without an ideology and manifesto was nothing but an empty shop and that Zambians would not waste time to do their window-shopping in a political party that was not explaining what it would do for the people.

Mr Komaki, the former Lusaka district PF chairman recalled that he personally confronted president Michael Sata at the height of confusion in the ruling party over insinuations that he (Sata) had anointed former justice minister now Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba as the heir to the presidency because he strongly believed the former secretary general could not make a good leader.

Mr Komaki said he had risked his life over the PF because he wanted to save the ruling party from getting hijacked and that former president Sata warned that Mr Kabimba could never make a good leader because he had  too many “enemies” within the party.

He said president Sata realized that the PF was being destroyed by the factions and divisions that were created when the Rainbow Party leader was the secretary general of the party and listened to cries of the general members before dismissing Mr Kabimba.

“Campaign period is over and Zambians have elected President Lungu as their leader. For the PF youths, it is not time to jostle for jobs now because we have 2016 coming and work must begin now. I know that Rainbow Party is boasting of attracting our members but the truth is that those who are joining Mr Kabimba are missing the PF. Rainbow is a political party without a manifesto and ideology and that is why they have concentrated on selling their individual political images instead of the manifest,”Mr Komaki said.

He said Zambians had already made up their minds about the PF and that the ruling party was going to stay in power beyond 2016 because President Lungu had managed to unite the party after going through a rough patch during the succession struggle.

Mr Komaki said he was itching to meet Rainbow Party on the political battlefield to show them that the ruling party was still strong and popular among Zambians.

He stated that he was happy that President Lungu had directed that the party should undergo a cleansing process through elections from the lowest organ up to the position of vice-president so that the leaders could have the legitimacy of presiding over party matters.

He stated that the Head of State had given the ruling party a golden opportunity to comprehensively reorganize itself by holding elections.

“Elections at party levels will help us destroy parallel structures that were created at the height of confusion in the party and youths should continue supporting President Lungu because he will still be the candidate in the 2016 general elections.

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