UPND denies $10m Anglo fund

OPPOSITION UPND has denied assertions of receiving US$10 million from Anglo-American mining giant for the 2016 general elections.

UPND presidential advisor Douglas Siakalima said it was sad that political enemies have continued scheming against the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema long after the January 20 election.

He said such funds have never existed and those making up such stories were desperately trying to remain relevant on the political arena after the January 20 presidential election.

It has been alleged that Anglo American through the Openheimer Family has released US$10 million for the UPND leader to kickstart his 2016 general elections campaigns.

It has also been alleged that the company had cleared bills for the helicopters chartered by the UPND leader in the last presidential election, assertins mr Siakalima described as cheap propaganda meant to malign and scandalise Mr Hichilema.

“We have never solicited for such amounts of money. We are not like the PF who went to Nigeria to solicit for campaign funds. The story is aimed at making people believe that president Hichilema was desperate when not,” said Mr. Siakalima.

He said UPND still believed that the election was stolen and therefore, political enemies should not continue harassing and victimising the opposition because by so doing it was provoking the situation.

“They should not provoke us. We are decent people and we love this country. We shall not behave the way the PF behaved, sourcing funds from outside.

People spreading the rumour know where the Anglo-American mining firm is found and let them find out whether we have received any coin for campaigns,” said Mr. Siakalima. Mr. Siakalima said he was not shocked by the desperation by some political elements, adding that it was important to verify information before spreading rumours.Some online media houses have claimed that the UPND president has received about US$10 million for the 2016 general elections campaigns.

The story also claimed that Mr. Hichilema would launch a 20 month extensive campaign programme across the country in a bid to make his 5th attempt at the presidency.

The opposition political party was also accused of having been bankrolled by Anglo-American while some investors were alleged to have chattered helicopters during the presidential election last month but the allegations had never been substiantiated.

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One Response to “UPND denies $10m Anglo fund”

  1. FuManchu says:

    Mr Siakalima, when whiffs of smoke are noticed it indicates presence of a smoldering fire and you rid the smoke by dousing the spot with water. Trace the source of the rumors using the route they got to your knowledge and expose those peddling what you call a smear campaign against UPND and HH. By not dealing decisively with the issue you are just adding doubt to your denials. Zambians are easily cheated as they have no analytical capacity and anything once brewed is taken for gospel truth.


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