‘Don’t abuse Mpombo’


OPPOSITION political parties should avoid verbally abusing Democratic People’s Party president George Mpombo on his observation that the Patriotic Front (PF) will have it easy in next year’s general elections, Evangelical Youth Alliance International president Moses Lungu has said.

Reverend Lungu said opposition political parties should instead reflect on Dr Mpombo’s caution and embark on reorganizing their political parties in readiness for the 2016 general elections.

On Friday, Dr Mpombo said opposition political parties will fail to unseat a united and organized PF in next year’s general election.

In an interview, Rev. Lungu said it was sad that instead of the MMD and UPND officials addressing the issues Dr. Mpombo raised with the opposition, they have decided to verbally abuse him.

He said such emotional reaction would not take the opposition anywhere, adding that if they wanted to remain relevant to the political landscape of the country then Dr. Mpombo was spot on on the failures of the opposition.

“Why insult Dr. Mpombo and describe him as a desperate man when he is telling you the truth. MMD came out fourth in the just ended presidential election and it is sad that within a period of three years the MMD can finish in such a manner,” said Rev. Lungu.

He said both UPND and MMD should seriously reflect and take interest in the issues Dr. Mpombo raised. Rev. Lungu said it was true that currently no opposition in the country was offering Zambians solutions or an option to the PF, adding that all they were pre-occupied with were selfish desires and the promotion of certain traits which were a danger to the country’s democratic governance.

Dr. Mpombo is an elderly man who deserves respect. Mr. Nakachinda should ask himself why his MPs and NEC members rebelled against party president Nevers Mumba instead of insulting Dr. Mpombo.

“Let him help to build MMD by taking into account the issues Dr. Mpombo raised because the expulsion of all the MPs or 18 of them makes the party weak.

He should realise that it was the same problem that made the MMD perform so badly in the manner it did,” said Rev. Lungu.

Rev. Lungu said the advice by Dr. Mpombo to the entire opposition was timely, adding that judging his statement based on his prison life was failure to change the way leaders think, see and perceive electorates.

“I challenge Mr. Mucheleka of the UPND and Mr. Nakachinda of the MMD to tell the nation the performance of the opposition in the just ended election if it was inspiring to their parties rather than victimizing and abusing Dr. Mpombo.

They should not Judge Dr. Mpombo based on his stay in prison or his social life.

It is unfair and uncultured for either gentleman to attack Dr. Mpombo in the manner they did. They must realise that not all people who go to jail have committed crimes.   Mr. Nakachinda and Mr Mucheleka should realise that they are potential prisoners too,” said Rev. Lungu.


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