Mpombo under fire

OPPOSITION political parties have attacked Democratic People’s Party president George Mpombo for suggesting that there was no opposition in the country which can unseat the Patriotic Front Government in next year’s general elections.

MMD spokesperson Raphael Nakachinda said Zambians should not take Dr. Mpombo seriously because he was still recovering from his stay in prison.

And UPND alliance member Patrick Mucheleka has described Dr. Mpombo as undebted to the PF as he has no option but to support the ruling part for pardoning him from serving a nine months jail term.

Commenting on Dr. Mpombo’s statement, Mr. Nakachinda said Dr. Mpombo had no value to add to the political dispensation of the country at the moment and therefore he must concentrate on re-building his image.

He said Dr. Mpombo’s observations that there was no single and strong opposition political party which could unseat the PF in the general election next year, was untrue and a figment of his imagination.

Mr. Nakachinda said Dr. Mpombo had failed to read the mood in the nation of fresh blood in politics, adding that he was a political joker.

He said Dr. Mpombo should understand that the politics of his age were based on promises unlike the current ones premised on workable policies.

Mr. Nakachinda said to suggest that there was no single and strong opposition political party to kick out the PF from Government next year was insulting the intelligence of many Zambians who belonged and believed in the other political parties.

“The problem we have with politicians such as Dr. Mpombo is that they cannot understand the need to have political change of government because they have failed to make a mark in their political life.

Dr. Mpombo is a well-known politician and for him to suggest that all political parties are weak, leaves me with little hope for a better Zambia.

“I thought Dr. Mpombo who is in the opposition too would give or offer solutions on how to make the opposition strong and valuable for 2016. Instead he has taken a different route where he feels that the opposition is weak and cannot win an election,” said Mr. Nakachinda.

He said it was a well-known fact that many Zambians were busy kneeling before President Edgar Lungu for jobs and that he would not be shocked to see Dr. Mpombo given a job.

And Mr. Mucheleka who is Lubansenshi independent lawmaker, described Dr. Mpombo as a slave of the PF because he had to pay for his freedom.

He said Dr. Mpombo was a wrong person to suggest that the opposition was in a weak state and therefore cannot undo the PF next year. Mr. Mucheleka said Dr. Mpombo should be aware that the PF victory was not won by President Edgar Lungu but that the PF should thank former President Rupiah Banda who won them the election. “The victory is not about the PF but RB.

RB won that election and for them to celebrate, it shocks me a lot.

Mr. Mucheleka said the UPND was ready to form government and that it was just a matter of time. He said Dr. Mpombo was now working towards finding space to express his opinion by supporting the PF for pardoning him. “Dr. Mpombo should read the mood in the country.

People are unhappy with the PF Government and their voice has been heard but ignored by those in power.

So for him to suggest that the opposition is weak, it is total misplacement of facts,” said Mr. Mucheleka.

Dr. Mpombo said this week the  that opposition political parties would fail to unseat a united and organised PF in next year’s general election.

He said the opposition should re-think their strategy and form a genuine alliance if they were to remain strong and meaningful to the political landscape ahead of the 2016 general election.

“There is no strong opposition political party in the nation at the moment which can unseat the PF. The opposition seems to have no agenda apart from wanting to go to State House,” said Dr. Mpombo.

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One Response to “Mpombo under fire”

  1. lcholoba says:

    I do agree with Mpombo though I am not sure of the Doctorate.
    Just study the voting pattern and the results of the past Presidential by election. It was the infighting in the PF that prolonged that created anxiety on most PF members to even attend the upnd’s rallies. It was upnd that campaigned seriously and Mama Nawakwi from the start. This trend even forced a sitting Provincial minister to think that PF was finished. The minister went and said the truth about upnd at a rally, convinced that PF was dead. What happened when PF started the campaign,you know the story. It took PF two weeks to campaign and win the Presidential by elections. Mpombo reads and analyses the elections accurately. So do not just condemn the wise Mpombo, but take the challenge and stop the quarrels between the opposition parties. Nga niwe MMD Nakacinda, just keep cool and talk less coz MMD is now a province of PF…finished.


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