Give Lungu time to settle, says youth leader

GIVE President Edgar Lungu time to settle down and lead the nation in peace, unity and prosperity rather than criticizing him over nothing, youth activist Lenard Kayula has said.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr. Kayula wondered why some politicians and civil society organisations were criticizing President Lungu for not finishing appointing his Cabinet.

Mr. Kayula said it was unfortunate that some greedy Zambians running what he described as bogus NGOs wanted to make an issue over President Lungu’s decision to go on a working holiday in Luangwa.

“It is strange why these people want to rush the President to make these appointments. Why can’t you give him enough time to settle down in Government? Why do you want to rush him make appointments? Have you dropped in your letter seeking employment from President Lungu?” asked Mr. Kayula.

He said that civil society and political parties should not blackmail President Lungu by putting him under a tight corner, forcing him to appoint a full Cabinet which might end in him appointing wrong people who could betray him just like the way President Sata was betrayed by senior party officials.

Mr. Kayula said President Lungu was of sound mind and knew very well what was best for the country, adding that putting unnecessary pressure on him to make appointments for certain ministries would put the country into serious trouble.

“We have seen how the agriculture sector failed to tick. We have seen how farmers were treated because you had a minister who was not committed and this is what President Lungu is evaluating. Don’t think that he is there to rest and enjoy animal or bird viewing but planning for the country,” said Mr. Kayula.

And Mr. Kayula has challenged young people to stand up and refuse to be used as tools for political violence, saying young people had the potential to change the way the Government is run.

He said violence would not reward young people even those who send them to commit such violence.

Mr. Kayula observed that violence was an enemy of peace hence the need to denounce the act by all well-meaning Zambians.

The activist, however, challenged Government and politicians to come up with tangible and meaningful solutions to youth unemployment, saying that promises alone will not address the many challenges the nation was facing.

He said young people were the most affected population in terms of job hunting, adding that failure to address the problem of unemployment would cost the nation the unity it has enjoyed for over 50 years.

“It is my appeal to President Lungu to pay much attention to youths and unemployment because this has potential to destabilise his Government and that is what we don’t want as young people. Let the President as he reflects and set the vision and agenda for the country look at how he will address youths and unemployment,” said Mr. Kayula.


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