‘Opposition doomed’

OPPOSITION political parties will fail to unseat a united and organised Patriotic Front in next year’s general election, Democratic People’s Party president George Mpombo has said.

He said political parties in the country should re-think their strategy and form a genuine and strong alliance ahead of the 2016 general election if they are to remain relevant to the political landscape of the nation.

Dr. Mpombo said the opposition political parties were too weak in their current form to win the general elections next year.

He said the only situation which would save political parties in the opposition was to form an alliance with a strong and genuine national character and agenda.

“There is no strong opposition political party in the nation at the moment which can beat the Patriotic Front. The opposition seems not to have an agenda apart from wanting to go to State House,” said Dr. Mpombo who is also former Defence minister in the MMD government.

Dr. Mpombo noted that the opposition was in an “empty euphoria” fighting each other while the ruling PF was reorganizing and preparing for 2016 general election.

He said the PF had learnt a lot of important lessons during the leadership transition which rocked the party after the demise of President Sata and it was unlikely that they would go back to the same scandal.

Dr Mpombo said it would be tricky to face a more organised PF in 2016.

“They opposition have lost an opportunity to win the just ended presidential election and I cannot see them wining next year. Mind you the PF was facing the worst form of tsunami in itself. You had 11 camps and that created the biggest confusion for the PF which almost disintegrated the ruling party.  “We saw former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba joining UPND team supporting the party presidential candidate. We saw other key people in the PF not supporting President Edgar Lungu and many other influential individuals siding with the UPND,” said Dr. Mpombo. He said it was clear that now that  the PF had a president and the party was heading towards full recovery, it would be very difficult for the opposition to unseat the PF next year.

Dr. Mpombo explained that it would not be easy for the opposition to campaign against the PF because President Lungu seems to have taken a different route from that of the late President and had shown commitment to fulfilling his promises.

“Unless something on the way happens, I am not seeing the opposition making any changes in the way they will approach the new PF government. President Lungu seems to be a different leader and he has shown a sense of commitment to making Zambia a better place. He said the opposition has a huge mountain to demolish before they could consider themselves equal to the task. Dr. Mpombo has since urged all opposition political parties to consider putting aside their selfish desires and work together ahead of the 2016 general election if they were to make any impact against the PF.

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One Response to “‘Opposition doomed’”

  1. FuManchu says:

    Very true that opposition parties are in disarray some reasons being their own enemies! The past election was a missed opportunity and strategy has to change. The PF learnt of their lacuna’s from the messages the opposition was advancing and is now sealing them. Lets not hear of promises in the run up to the 2016 elections but discussion on real issues at the heart of the electorate! We have a government just ushered in and it has just begun its work! the plea come Elections2016 will be for time to implement what is being started now. Zambians have a fetish on death and changing a sitting government coupled with ignorance on the importance of voting! Buzz words and phrases as “given instruments of power” “continuity” “tribalist” Satanist” etcetera etcetera, sway voters without an inkling of understanding!


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