Politics should improve the livelihood of the poor-NDP

The main purpose of politics should be to add value to the livelihood of the poor in society, says National Democratic Party president Tentani Mwanzah.

In an interview, Mr. Mwanzah said poverty and underdevelopment were the main challenges Zambia was facing and politicians should strive to address the problem. He said it was disappointing to see individuals getting into politics for the sake of making money at the expense of the poor.

“Our agenda as the NDP is to put people first in our quest to deal with the high levels of poverty. Zambia is facing high levels of poverty because leaders have always thought about themselves after being voted into government,” said Mr. Mwanzah. He said political leaders have a duty to ensure that hunger and unemployment were addressed in the quest to reduce the high levels of poverty. And Mr. Mwanzah has urged President Lungu to listen to the concerns of the poor people who voted for him to be President of Zambia.

He said many Zambians, especially those living in rural areas were disadvantaged to attain a meaningful livelihood because most governments did not prioritise rural development on their agenda.

“You cannot fight poverty if you overlook certain areas of development. Rural areas should be priority by any decent government.

“If we develop our rural areas no people would leave for urban areas because they will still have something meaningful to do in their homeland,” said Mr. Mwanzah.

Mr. Mwanzah said the current problems of rural-urban drift were as a result of failure by political leaders to put value to rural development by opening opportunities for  local people


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