Power interlopers

WE hope the dismissal of Attorney General Musa Mwenye does not close the matter of the contentious power transfer between President Edgar Lungu and Dr Guy Scott.

There is need for closure, to clarify matters and ensure that it does not recur in the future. We can ill afford crises that endanger our very nationhood.

It must be established once and for all whether the controversy was a result of a mischief or indeed the result of well founded legal arguments. The matter is not helped by the fact that blatant lies were told. Reference was made to President Mwanawasa leaving instruments of power with Mr. Mpombo. This was untrue and yet this persuaded many people into accepting a dubious status.

It cannot be that a sitting President has no bearing on the transfer of power upon demise otherwise there was need for Article  39 which  clearly states that  the President can indeed hand power to any other person than the  Vice President.

Why should it be that in life the President can choose to overlook his Vice President and in death he must be compelled to do so. This suggests a redundancy of the article.

This and many other intractable legal matters must be resolved to ensure that our country raises the bar of integrity especially for officers that serve in sensitive Government position where morality, credibility and scrupulous conduct are the watchwords.

Zambians would want to know how  for example Mutembo Nchito with so much baggage could rise to sit as Director of Public Prosecutions, when he has no integrity and has many  financial and moral issues that remain to be resolved.

The last 13 years have witnessed the most brazen abuse of political power by interlopers who have sought to imprint themselves on the psyche of the nation by a campaign of calumny that eventually drove good men to their early graves.  They stood no chance of vindicating themselves against the evil campaigns.

Posterity owes them a debt because  they served to change this country for the better. They should not be remembered for the specks when their tormenters are carrying logs in their eyes.

We entirely agree with civil rights activist Brebner Changala who has called upon President Edgar Lungu to open a new chapter by banishing the scurrilous practice of trial by vindictive media, but this is only possible if the past is subjected to sober evaluation through an inquiry.

The law cannot be seen to have double standards. It cannot be that some people can steal money from public institutions and get away with it.

What has happened to the many Zambian Airways cases? It is a fact that the company owed many institutions a lot of money but the cases were simply pushed under the carpet because the people responsible were seen to have a hold on political leaders.

Time has come for the truth to be told so that the country can emerge energized and rejuvenated by a new impetus that will appreciate merit and hard work.


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One Response to “Power interlopers”

  1. *Olemekezeka says:

    The next to be fired is Secretary to the Cabinet, he was part of the triune that hurriedly got power from the then acting president.


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