“Nevers Mumba’s action illegal”

MMD president Nevers Mumba’s expulsion of 18 senior members of the former ruling party who include members of Parliament is a cost to the country’s development, Zambezi East MMD MP Sara Sayifwanda has charged. And expelled former MMD Deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu has described as madness the move by the party’s National Executive Committee to expel him along with 17 other senior party officials. Commenting on the action by the MMD National Executive Committee (NEC)’s decision, Ms Sayifwanda said she was not ashamed to have been part of the team that supported the candidature of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema. She said Dr. Mumba should realise that the MMD MPs supported Mr. Hichilema because it was discussed and resolved by the NEC which was called by the party president himself. “Dr. Mumba should be sincere in the manner he wants to handle this matter. This was discussed by Himself and UPND president. There is nothing illegal about our action to support the UPND presidential alliance candidate. And I am not ashamed to say that I am happy I played a big role in the just ended presidential election,” said Ms. Sayifwanda. She said expelling 18 MPs would be costly to the nation, adding that Dr. Mumba did not have a heart for the party. “Actually Dr. Mumba is playing double standards here. Why selecting only 18 MPs out of 48? If anything it is only Mwansa Mbulakulima and Howard Kunda who remained with him. Let him explain what action he would take against those that supported PF candidate Edgar Lungu? What about the MMD MPs who were appointed deputy ministers and campaigned for the PF candidate what will happen with them? Dr. Mumba should reflect seriously about this action otherwise MMD will remain a shell,” said Ms, Sayifwanda. She said the decision to support Mr. Hichilema was arrived at after the meeting between two parties on 16th November 2014 to have one candidate to represent both parties in the presidential election. And Mr Nyangu said the expulsion of the 18 senior was a sign of madness on the part of MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba. He said there was no way a single individual in the name of Dr Mumba can expel all the senior members without following procedure. ‘This is just madness and rubbish. Dr Mumba can’t expel me because i was elected at the convention and I can only be removed by a convention,” he said. of if i choose not to stand. As President, he has no powers to expel any member,’ Mr Nyangu said. He said the MMD constitution does not give absolute power to the President of the party. ‘He is now abrogating our party’s constitution at will and some of the members he is expelling have dragged the party to court and the court process is in motion and he is now showing contempt of court by this action,’ he said.

She explained that Dr. Mumba should exercise Christian principles and values as expected in a Christian nation when it comes to resolving issues which were sensitive such as the expulsion of all members who supported the alliance in the just ended election.

And Mr. Muchima said Dr. Mumba’s action was illegal because it was not supported by the party constitution.

He said he was still MMD and at no time has he ever betrayed the party.

“What I thought after the bad performance by Dr. Mumba in the just ended presidential election, was for him to call all members and address the problem the party was facing. The route he is taking will not help him to be president of this country,” said Mr. Muchima.

The MMD executive committee which sat on Saturday, expelled Felix Mutati, Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane, Muhabi Lungu, Kabinga Pande and Whytson Mtonga among the notables.

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