Violent cadres face arrest

PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davis Chama says the ruling party will not protect its cadres who will be found promoting violence.

Assuring the people of Zambia of the PF’s commitment to govern the country in a non-violent and peaceful manner, Mr. Chama said there was no place for violence in the PF.

He warned that cadres who thought they would continue with their violent behaviour should take the warning as official communication to all party structures, adding that the people of Zambia should conduct their daily businesses freely without any harassment from cadres.

Mr. Chama said Zambia was a free nation which respected the rule of law and therefore the PF would not allow its members or any other political party to destabilize the peace the nation has enjoyed in  the last 50 years of independence.

“We are concerned about these reports of violence in public places such as the Intercity bus terminus, Kulima Tower bus station and other stations. This political violence should come to an end forthwith. The party leadership will not tolerate it because it is dividing the nation,” said Mr. Chama.

He said his office and that of the Minister of Home Affairs Davis Mwila had discussed the matter and that it was agreed that stern measures should be taken to end the violence perpetrated by political party cadres from both the PF and UPND.

Mr. Chama said violence was an issue of the past and those with such schemes should realise that they were enemies of democracy and the PF. He said all well-meaning PF members should denounce violence and concentrate on nation building. Mr Chama said the country needed genuine reconciliation in order to maintain peace and stability for progressive economic development.

“This is time to work for the PF and it will be shameful to see our members engage into fighting with other cadres. It is time to show unity of purpose. I just want to take this opportunity to remind our membership countrywide that committing crime or violence does not pay at all. The party will not shield anyone involved in these violent activities. We have a lot more work to do than monitoring who is fighting and not. The police have been directed to do the right thing by arresting and charging whoever is involved in these violent activities,” he said.

Mr. Chama also assured UPND cadres of freedom and peace because they were Zambians, adding that anyone found acting violently should be reported to police.

And Mr. Chama has implored PF members to start mobilising party structures throughout the country.

The PF secretary general said Zambians were too expectant of the PF and therefore, allowing cadres to continue with violence at the expense of recruiting new members, would be costly to the party and the leadership ahead of the 2016 general election.

He said the party now had more work to do than ever before.

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