Root out cartel, seal leaks

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should completely root out the cartel that formed a parallel government within the Patriotic Front (PF) Government and clean the security agencies of moles to halt the classified of State documents and leaking them to unauthorized persons and institutions for purposes of blackmail, PF director of communications Brian Hapunda has said.

Mr Hapunda said it was a well-known fact that there were still some individuals in the party and Government whose sole purpose was to sabotage the works of Government by stealing State secrets and leaking them to their allies with the hope of destabilizing the governance of the country.

Mr Hapunda said the PF was happy that President Lungu had committed himself to protect the ruling party from political vultures by declaring that the ruling party was not going to be auctioned to the highest bidder as it was formed to serve Zambians most of whom were poor.

He said time had come for the party and Government institutions to be cleansed of all the bad elements that were leaking State secrets and blackmailing selected senior Government leaders.

Mr Hapunda explained that it was disheartening to see senior Government leaders become victims of blackmail, secret recordings as well as slander and that it was the desire and hope of the party that such criminal activities would be curbed by cleansing all Government systems.

Mr Hapunda told the Daily Nation that President Lungu had committed himself to protecting the party and Government from the cartel and that there was no doubt that what happened in the past where State documents such as the budget and draft Constitution could be leaked will not occur again.

“It is a well-known fact that the PF were infiltrated with individuals who wanted to sabotage the works of Government. They made the life of late president Michael Sata difficult as State secrets and classified Government documents could be stolen and then leaked to unauthorized persons and institutions.

“We do not want to see this trend continuing and as a party, we are appealing to our listening President to dismantle the cartel that formed a government within Government and sabotaged the smooth governance of the country.

The President has committed himself to protect the party from vultures and it is our hope that even the Government institutions will be cleansed,” Mr Hapunda said.

He said the PF was going to support President Lungu in his effort to govern and deliver development to the expectations of Zambians.

He said the PF did not need a cartel within itself and warned that any attempts by the remnants of the infamous clique to distract President Lungu would be strongly resisted. Mr Hapunda has appealed to the youths across the country to be alert and ensure that the party structures remained intact in all areas because there was little time before the 2016 general elections.

“I want to send a strong message that, never again are we going to allow our party to be hijacked by individuals whose desire is to sabotage the work of Government.

I am appealing to the youths across the country to remain vigilant and insulate the party from possible infiltration by moles and unwanted elements.

‘‘We want President Lungu to govern this country with peace because he has a lot of work to reduce poverty, which is his enemy number one as a leader who understands the suffering of the people,” Mr Hapunda said.


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