PF risk defeat in 2016 – Kabimba

THE Patriotic Front (PF) is headed for extinction after the 2016 general elections unless the leaders of the ruling party accept that their popularity has waned drastically, Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba has warned.

But PF secretary general Davis Chama said Mr Kabimba can continue fantasizing that he would be the next president when Zambians have already rejected him because of his arrogance and record of having promoted violence and divisions.

But Mr Kabimba said if Mr Chama was going to continue pleasing himself that the PF was as popular as it was during the days of president Michael Sata, he was only quickening the pace at which the ruling party was dying.

Mr Kabimba told the Daily Nation that the Rainbow Party was attracting a lot of members from the ruling party and other political parties across the country and that the PF will not win the 2016 general elections.

He said if Mr Chama was going to take an ostrich approach and continue imagining that the PF was still strong, he would only be contributing to the demise of the party.

Mr Kabimba said, in last week’s presidential election, the ruling party did not perform in the manner a governing party would have performed under normal circumstances and warned that there was a real possibility that the PF would not go beyond 2016.

He claimed over 60 percent of voters had turned their backs on the PF because the ruling party had become unattractive to many Zambians who felt disillusioned with the manner the country was being governed.

Mr Kabimba said one of the senior members of the PF had confessed that the ruling party would not find it easy in 2016 and that those who understood the political climate in the country knew that the PF could easily lose the next elections.

“The PF performed poorly in the presidential election and these are signs that the party is on a rapid pace of demise. The ruling party has a lot of work to do but they do not have the capacity to manage the challenges facing the party. They must be very careful because if they will spendthis time lining their pockets, they will certainly lose and go into extinction. They will never come back,” Mr Kabimba said.

He said a lot of PF members across the country were joining the Rainbow Party and that by 2016, the opposition party would be a force to reckon with.

But Mr Chama said Mr Kabimba’s claims that PF members were defecting en mass to join the Rainbow Party was nothing but a figment of his imagination because the ruling party’s structures had remained intact since President Edgar Lungu took over after the death of President Michael Sata.

Mr Chama said the PF was going through the process of refining itself following the election of President Lungu and that the Head of State who is the party president had invited him to reflect on the way forward.

He said those who were leaving the PF and joining the Rainbow Party were individuals who did not add any value to the ruling party apart from causing confusion.

Mr Chama said the ruling party was in a self-cleansing process and that all unwanted members would naturally be weeded off to prepare the party for the 2016 general elections. The PF chief executive accused Mr Kabimba of having been the architect of violence in the ruling party alleging that the era of pangas in the PF had died with the departure of the former Justice minister.

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