Lungu must address high poverty levels, says Mambo

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu must focus on addressing high levels of poverty the country is experiencing by offering the nation an agenda through which decent jobs for Zambians will be created, says Bishop John Mambo.

And former Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) chairman Partner Siabutuba has observed that making life for Zambians affordable should be the cornerstone of President Lungu’s administration ahead of the 2016 tripartite elections.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Bishop Mambo said poverty was number one enemy because it took away the dignity of people.

He said it was therefore important that President Edgar Lungu considers a proactive route in the manner he would address the issues of poverty and under-development through the provision of decent jobs for all.

“I think the main focus for President Lungu should be poverty reduction. I am happy that he acknowledges the high levels of poverty and expressed sadness at the alarming levels of poverty among Zambians. I therefore, implore him to make poverty enemy number one which his Government should consider priority number one,” said Bishop Mambo.

He also said President Lungu should manage the reduced fuel prices in order for Zambians to benefit. “Life is expensive in Zambia despite producing most of the things locally. We buy commodities at expensive prices because we fail to value add to our local raw materials. I am also hopeful that he will in the end give Zambians a Constitution as demanded by the people,” said Bishop Mambo.

He said President Lungu should also work towards developing manufacturing and mining industries which would provide meaningful economic development through the creation of decent jobs for the people of Zambia.

He said the other challange President Lungu has was make mealie meal cheap unlike now.

“We are talking about living in a country where nutrition levels are compromised due to lack of leadership in that area. We are living in a country where the population is malnourished. It is my hope that President Lungu would address these issues with the urgency they require.”

And Mr. Siabutuba said Zambians were looking up to President Lungu to make life affordable for everyone through creating an environment which was investor friendly.

He said Zambians were fed up of unfufilled promises and, therefore, it was time for President Lungu to deliver.

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