I won’t concede defeat-HH

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says President Edgar Lungu should not act like a child and behave as if Zambia is his country to demand that he (HH) should concede defeat in the just ended January 20 presidential election.

President Lungu yesterday said he was not in support of what the PF cadres were doing to opposition members because UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema had already accepted defeat and his members should therefore not continue to be mocked, taunted and harassed.

But the UPND leader rubbished the call for him to accept defeat, claiming he was the winner and that the ruling PF had stolen his vote.

Mr Hichilema accused President Lungu of having not genuinely won the national presidency because of the various issues raised over the results.

He said President Lungu must not ridicule the people of Southern Province for having not voted for him when Zambia was a democracy.

“He knows he did not win that election. A loser is declared a winner, and he wants to bring divisions in our country. Look here- he is sort of immature,” he said.

Mr Hakainde said this in an interview with Millennium Radio yesterday in response to President Lungu’s calls to concede defeat.

He said he beat President Lungu in several other places including Simda in the Eastern, Northern, North-Western and parts of the Copperbelt which he (Lungu) was not talking about.

He said as a leader, President Lungu should desist from being divisive and concentrate on uniting the country, instead of singling out Southern Province that they did not vote for him.

“Why is he not talking about Sinda in Eastern Province, I beat him in Sinda; why is he not talking about North-Western Province, everywhere?

I beat him in Lusaka rural, I beat him in Copperbelt Province rural; why is he not complaining about that?” he said.

He charged that President Lungu was not entitled to ridicule anybody or bring such ridicule to the country.

He said the President should be talking about Zambia. “He must grow up, he is acting like a child, and this just shows how petty this fellow is,” he said.

Mr Hakainde said he would not accept having lost an election he claims he won.

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  1. St Mary Magadalena says:

    Still crying, my foot


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