Mwila to end political violence

NEWLY appointed Home Affairs minister Davis Mwila has vowed to eradicate political violence the country has been experiencing in the last few years.
Mr Mwila said the culture of violence being perpetrated by political party cadres was unZambian and should be fought vigorously because it had become a threat to peace and stability of the country.
Mr Mwila warned that those who will be found engaging in violent activities on the basis of belonging to different political parties should be ready to face the law because the country could be governed by violence.
He said he was going to make sure that violence was stopped because Zambia was a peaceful nation since independence and that the PF Government was going to make sure that the vice was eliminated.
Mr Mwila said there was need for law and order in the country and that it was important for political party cadres to learn to co-exist despite having different political opinions or affiliation.
He said it was unacceptable that political party cadres engage in violence when they could easily talk and discuss their differences without becoming physical.
“I am grateful to President Lungu for giving me the opportunity to serve Zambia in my capacity as Minister of Home Affairs. My immediate task is to end the political violence that has characterized our political playing field. Zambia has been a peaceful country since independence and the violence we are experiencing is a threat to peace, unity and political stability. It is unZambian and must be stopped forthwith,” Mr Mwila said.

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One Response to “Mwila to end political violence”

  1. Truth Hurts says:

    Mr Mwila.
    It is on record that your cadre beat up Komaki(pf cadre) so badly with machete’s he ended up in hospital where they followed him to finish him off.
    It is on record while your own party cadres were rioting from the airport to town centre they killed an innocent boy in Avondale to which your party refuses to compensate the family or have any PF cadre face court over the manslaughter.
    It is on record your party cadres killed a friend in Rufunsa and Livingstone during by elections.
    Which you tried to blame on UPND and failed.
    It is well known PF cadres have been the most violent since 2011.
    Just a few days ago your PF thugs ran over a UPND supporter and killed her after calling her and threatening her with arrest.
    Tame your wild dogs before looking at others.


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