Dismantling the cartel

THE cartel exists and any attempt by this new Government to ignore this reality will be an exercise in futility and a danger to its own stability.

Let there be no doubt the cartel has influence in all sectors of governance. Not even the judiciary, Zambia Revenue Authority, criminal prosecution, and public service have been spared. It has sponsored officers at the highest levels of governance to ensure its survival.

It is not a secret that President Michael Sata was held captive and allowed some of the most discreditable appointments because they were recommended by the cartel. This is a situation that must be rectified as of yesterday if this Government will stand a chance in the next few months.

For the first time in many years, we have a President who is not held captive by the proverbial clique that has haunted the psyche of this country, infiltrating all systems of governance and influencing some of the worst governance decisions including the unprecedented suspension of three judges who were seen to have “interfered” in a matter that involved the fraudulent acquisition of K14 billion from the Development Bank of Zambia.

That matter epitomized the worst possible subversion of public authority that must never be allowed again.

That is why we would like to appeal to the Government to publicly investigate the gross abuses of power in which innocent people were demonized and subjected to heartless victimization through compromised Government structures.

We now know that those who claimed to be paragons of virtue are no more than ordinary thieves who preyed on political power to shield themselves from the due process of the law. If allowed to get away with their dastardly acts this country will have missed an opportunity for cleansing.

The 2016 elections are around the corner. It will be criminal to allow ill-gotten resources to come into play in that election. That is why everything must be done to identify where money extorted from the Trafigura oil deal has been stashed. There is no doubt that somebody benefitted from the overpriced oil for which ordinary Zambians were made to pay.

Let there be no mistake that money will be at play in the 2016 elections. It will be used to corrupt and undermine the integrity of those elections through bribery, extortion and outright corruption.

We know that money stolen from public institutions has been used to prop up institutions that have continued to undermine and subvert Government.

Democracy as a political system is vulnerable to many influences. Unlike a republic that is premised on meritocracy, a democracy is at its worst simply a “mob” rule where the majority will have their way regardless of the circumstances.

We should guard our democracy against these external influences that have played havoc with our national psyche. We are a country without heroes because each and every leader has been demonized. KK was a cobalt thief, FJT was a Zamtrop thief, Levy was an arrogant bully, RB was a corrupt despot and more recently Sata who spurned them was an ignorant despot.

The delusional cartel has been at the helm of this country for more than a decade, dictating the choice of leadership and indeed determining those who were to enter the vital sectors of governance including the judiciary, criminal justice system, diplomacy and many other areas of influence.

This delusion must be stopped. Our national bearings must be reset to give hope and impetus to the many Zambians that have sacrificed so much to help develop this country.

We agree with civil activist Brebner Changala that the divisive forces, more specifically the cartel, must be exposed for the noxious and poisonous influence it has been in country.

This is not a call for vindictiveness. It is a call for justice. Zambians have every right to know how the Zamtrop scandal came about, who were the main actors, what was their financial gain. Who were involved in the Task force of corruption, how much money did they abuse, what happened to the properties and resources that were recovered?

Zambians deserve the truth.

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One Response to “Dismantling the cartel”

  1. St Mary Magadalena says:

    Mumba Malila is the only supreme court judge who has never worked as a high court judge. Takwaba……..


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