Zambians should move forward as one people

Our message to Zambians today is to forget the past and go forward as a nation. Those who voted against Edgar Lungu should never be blamed for exercising their democratic right.

At the same time we commend president Hakainde Hichilema for his appeal to his followers to accept the result and move on because politics like any game has a winner and loser. This loss is not the end but a mere journey into the future.

Many Zambians were getting extremely worried when they looked at the voting pattern which the presidential election had exposed. Indeed this must be a source of worry and concern to every Zambian.

Zambia Direct Democratic Movement (ZDDM) would like to thank God for using us in bringing former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda back to politics. We admit that we did not know that his divine plan was that RB should help President Edgar Lungu ascend to power.

To correct this unfortunate development we must not be scared to admit that this has shown clearly that our politics have become tribal and regional.

This can be attributed to many factors which include the truth that Zambians do not realize that they are playing in the game plan of highly intelligent forces which want to capitalize on the tribal divisions of the Zambian people.

Those who follow Zambian politics will realize that ZDDM has been warning the nation about this weakness in our national unity chain and as a movement we continue advocating for a Federal system of government as it is the only defence left for Zambia to defend its sovereignty.

We have in the past laid emphasis on the fact that Africa as a continent is facing the threat of the forces which captured our people into slavery and later came to hold us in the bondage of colonialism coming back with another chain of bondage.

As ZDDM we warned that the coming back of this evil force to control African countries would be through using local political parties which they would heavily fund to gain political power.

This force is not only evil but extremely ruthless as witnessed by the way it has continued to kill and destroy African leaders who have tried to promote unity on the continent. The list of African unity advocates killed include Muamar Kaddafi, Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sinkara, Thom Mboya and many others .

Zambians have yet to realize the deaths of many local politicians that could have been engineered by the same force using local agents.

This force also uses its local puppets to demonize former and current political leaders for the sake of planting a belief in the local people that black people cannot govern themselves in a civilized manner.

As ZDDM we feel very sorry for fellow Zambians who fall prey to political leaders championing divisional politics (tribal and regional politics) without fully understanding the source of funding for their leaders and their ultimate agenda because Zambians cannot afford to be divided at this crucial moment when their land is already invaded by foreigners.

We realize that our media is partly to blame as it has lamentably failed to help the Zambian people become aware of the dangers which they face as a people.

We do not blame Zambians for failing and not being aware of the fact that the widespread poverty, high levels of unemployment and indeed the alarming death rate are by design.

The forces which enslaved the Africans and later colonized us have a more evil plan of maximizing confusion in African countries while they affect programmes and plans aimed at depopulating the country.

Zambians must be helped to understand that their enemy is not a person from another tribe but the people and leaders capitalizing on tribal division for selfish reasons.

As a Christian nation we must not fall prey to tribalism because our common belief tells us that we are all created by the same God that we kneel to every Sunday.

As ZDDM we had launched the campaign calling for former president Rupiah Banda to come back to active politics to help unite the political parties in the country and form a National Reconstruction Government.

We took this path mainly out of concern that the country is like a boat with big hole at the bottom. Zambia is a very rich country endowed with abundant natural wealth and abundant human resource. Unfortunately the mode of politics is such that it promotes bickering and division which makes it impossible for Zambians to work as one people.

Otherwise if Zambia was a united country it would have been one of the most developed countries on the continent because it is a very rich country.

Its people are wallowing in abject poverty all because of the culture of division which is being promoted by external forces using local people.

It was against this background that ZDDM decided to call for the former president as he is one of the few leaders in the nation who can instill a spirit of unity in our people and political parties but we are satisfied that God had his own plan which was that RB comes to boost Edgar Lungu’s campaign.

Unity is the only way out of the widespread suffering and self induced poverty in the country.

We pray that EL will work towards promoting unity in the nation and introducing a new mode of democracy which will take the nation forward such as introducing a Federal system and direct democracy which does not need political parties.

In a Federal system political parties may exist but the structure will be similar to the one party system where the people will choose their own leaders at all levels starting from the village, township, district and province.

People at all levels will govern themselves and make developmental decisions on their own instead of Lusaka making all the decisions for the people.

We have politicked enough and it’s time for Zambia to experience a unity of purpose and culture of working together in national interest.

It is only through this new mode of democracy that Zambia can create jobs and exploit its potential instead of wasting time fighting among themselves.

For a new Zambia and a proper new beginning in a jubilee year, ZDDM will support EL in building national unity because many citizens are fed up with politics of finger pointing and bickering.


Edwin Sakala

ZDDM President

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