I’ve powers, Mbulakulima tells MMD rebels



MMD national secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima says he has the power to discipline any erring member of the party.

Responding to MMD Lunte Member of Parliament Felix Mutati who said Mr. Mbulakulima had no power to suspend him because his appointment was not ratified by the national executive committee (NEC), Mr. Mbulakulima said the confrontational approach Mr. Mutati had taken would not help him at all.

He said it was uncalled for to issue such a statement when he knew that there was no law that stopped the party from suspending any erring member of the party.

Mr. Mbulakulima said Mr. Mutati and other MPs and officials who decided to support other candidates abandoning their party, should own up instead of the confrontational route they have taken.

“The issue is not about Mbulakulima having suspended them or having no power to act in such a manner, it is a question of morality. You cannot abandon your family and claim to be the head of the house which you do not support. You cannot claim to be a leader in a party you do not support or when you decide to support someone else,” said Mr. Mbulakulima.

He said the constitution Mr. Mutati was referring to was not an MMD one but the national law, adding that any club had rules and regulations to be followed.

Mr. Mbulakulima challenged Mr. Mutati to state the party constitution which he used to ignore the suspension when he had already declared interest and supported UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in an election which was also contested by his party president.

“I have to remind Mr. Mutati that as party national secretary of the MMD I have the power to act in the manner I did. I am also aware that the NEC has not yet sat to ratify my appointment but I am the party national secretary and doing what I did was part of my duty,” said Mr. Mbulakulima.

He said MMD was a well organized opposition political party and therefore, all those attempting to divide it should step aside rather than creating unnecessary confusion.

“Even the poor performance we have shown in this election is as a result of people we thought were MMD working against the party. You saw that our officials including Mr. Mutati himself rebelled against the party leadership and supported another opposition party leader,” said Mr. Mbulakulima.

He said it was only wise for Mr. Mutati to reflect seriously whether the action he took to abandon the MMD was right or not.

“It’s time now for all those including Mr. Mutati to deeply reflect over their decision and humble themselves before the people of Zambia because Zambians are annoyed that they have helped to kill the MMD,” said Mr. Mbulakulima.

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