Sondashi denies distributing anti-HIV formula

FORUM for Democratic Alternative (FDA) president Ludwig Sondashi has denied reports that he has been using his campaigns to distribute his Sondashi formula because it is not only against the provisions of the electoral code of conduct but is also a breach of the laws of Zambia.

Dr Sondashi said it was not true that he was distributing the Sondashi formula to residents of Livingstone when he was in the tourist capital for campaigns because he was aware that the drug was traditional medicine.

Dr Sondashi said he was alive to the fact that there was a risk that the health of people on antiretroviral therapy would easily be compromised if they abandoned their medicine in preference to his formula.

He told the Daily Nation that what happened in Livingstone was that some of the people who attended his rally demanded to test his traditional herb and only had one bottle from which he gave some people to test.

He explained that he could not commence the distribution of his drug until after it had scientifically been approved that it could cure HIV\AIDS adding that he knew it would be legally incorrect to risk the health of citizens.

“It is not true that I was distributing the Sondashi formula in Livingstone. I was in Livingstone and while addressing a rally, one of the people demanded to test the drug and I had one bottle and I allowed her to test. It is not like I had carried many bottles and was distributing and in fact I cannot do that because I know it would not only be legally wrong but also a risk to the health of the people already on antiretroviral therapy,” Dr Sondashi said.

He stated that for the last 10 years, he had been impressing upon Government to adopt the drug so that it could be subjected to scientific tests before it could get on the shelves in hospitals and pharmaceuticals. He disclosed that about 60 laboratory tests had so far been conducted and that the results found that the drug could kill the HIV\AIDS virus although it was in its “traditional” state.

Dr Sondashi said he had never claimed that his medicine was conventional because it had not been scientifically tested, stating that South Africa had proposed to buy about 70 percent shares of the drug.

He said partial tests of the Sondashi formula had so far been conducted in Zambia, South Africa and the United States of America.

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