Task force was tool for vengeance

A COMMISSION of inquiry should be established to probe the abuse of properties and money sequestrated by the task force on corruption established by late president Levy Mwanawasa, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has said.

Mr Changala has appealed to whoever would be elected president next week to establish a commission of inquiry in the matters of Access Financial Services, Tedworth Properties, Portland Cement take-over, Judge Chikopa Tribunal, Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) K14 billion loan and the National Airports debt.

He said the new president would have to embark on reconciling and uniting the country that has been torn apart by an evil clique that has over the years persecuted their imagined and perceived enemies under the guise of fighting corruption.

Mr Changala said the crusade against corruption, although noble, was hijacked by some newspaper and its allies and turned into a tool of settling social and political scores thereby advancing their egos, market their hatred against their perceived enemies.

Mr Changala said a media house with its allies some of whom were holding constitutional offices used the fight against corruption to propagate hatred, witch-hunt, lies innuendos and propaganda against innocent citizens.

The civil rights activist said late president Mwanawasa created the task force on corruption to specifically target his predecessor Frederick Chiluba and his perceived allies and that many citizens became victims of hate speech, witch-hunt and malice which were being published by some media house that had a vendetta against selected senior citizens.

“It is with profound regret that the fight against corruption, noble as it may be, has been hijacked by some media house and its allies. They have used the fight against corruption to advance their egos, market their divisive hate-related rhetoric at national level.

While admitting that corruption in many of our institutions is real, many a time it has been exaggerated in order to fix real or imaginary enemies.

“I write to all concerned and plead that the new Government after the January presidential election must, with minimum delay reconcile and unite the country. Never again should one man or group of individuals rise to oppress another through malice, with-hunt, lies, false and malicious publications, innuendos, propaganda and hate speech,” Mr Chingala said.

Mr Changala accused some donors of having entered into league with some media house, connived with the executive and some private lawyers who had political scores to settle.

Mr Changala appealed to the next president to ensure that political vengeance by those who would be holding constitutional powers was stopped through a well-crafted legislation by Parliament.

“President Mwanawasa created a task force on corruption to specifically target his predecessor and his perceived allies.

In the process, a lot of people were caught through witch-hunt and malicious publications. The media went out of its way to name and shame, prosecute and convict suspects without the due regard to the established laws and procedures,” Mr Changala said.

He stated that money-mongers and opportunists used the task force on corruption to loot State and donor resources under the guise of fighting corruption to recover the allegedly stolen money from Dr Chiluba and his allies.

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