Leave us alone, ECZ tells party leaders

THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has condemned the unruly conduct of  UPND cadres who impounded its hired trucks carrying lamp batteries, tables and chairs.

ECZ public relations manager Cris Akufuna sais this conduct put lives in danger and has called on all political party leaders to leave the commission alone so that it could conduct next week’s election in a professional manner.

He said it was unfair for political party leaders to accuse the commission of sneaking ballot papers as they were endangering the lives of ECZ officials.

Mr Akufuna told journalists yesterday that political party leaders should have facts before making alarming statements which could not be substantiated.

“There are endangering the lives of people that are managing the electoral process. We should be left alone as Electoral Commission to conduct our business. We know best what we do, but not to be accused of carrying ballot papers in batteries and tables,” Mr Akufuna said.

He said the commission has been accused of electoral malpractise before but nobody has so far proved such allegations.

“We have been accused before, and no one has proven the allegations. Even when people accuse us, let them accuse us genuinely with evidence not based on rumours, it is not fair. To bring the whole army of cadres to ECZ is not fair on us,” Mr Akufuna said.

He said political leaders should be responsible as stakeholders in the electoral process.

“I think, we must take responsibility as leaders of political parties, as stakeholders. We have nothing to hide, the commission has nothing to hide,” he said.

And UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo said for sake of transparency, it was important for all stakeholders to be alert in any given situation.

“We do not care whether there were tissue papers or biscuits, ultimately, in the interest of transparency and accountability, it is important that leaders take responsibility and ensure that there were no suspicions,” he said.


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