Suspended Judges: Cartel victims

THE cartel that held President Michael Sata hostage and almost hijacked the presidency of the Patriotic Front (PF) and State power blackmailed the former president into suspending the two High Court judges, Charles Kajimanga, Nigel Mutuna and Supreme Court Judge Philip Musonda because they had a vendetta against the three judges, Paradius Sakala has revealed.

Mr Sakala said the cartel was still active and pulling strings in the governance of the country and appealed to PF president Edgar Lungu to deal and dismantle the clique that had caused the suspension of the three judges by late president Sata.

He said President Sata was forced to constitute the Lovemore Chikopa to investigate Justices Kajimanga, Mutuna and Musonda when it was clear that the senior judicial officers had not committed any crimes to deserve the punishment and humiliation they suffered at the hands of the cartel.

Mr Sakala said President Sata did not enjoy his presidency because of the cartel that was holding him hostage and influenced most of the decisions in Government.

He said the ruling party was aware that the cartel influenced the appointment of some of its members into critical positions in the judiciary with the hope of settling scores against the judges.

Mr Sakala explained that it was not surprising that people who were involved in economic scandals were allowed to be appointed into senior and critical positions in the judiciary which they used to persecute innocent citizens through malicious prosecutions.

“We know that late president Sata was held captive by the cartel which blackmailed him to suspend two High Court judges and one Supreme Court judge and constituted the Lovemore Chikopa Tribunal. The cartel had a vendetta against the judges and it all emanated from the financial scandals they committed. This cartel is still active and I am calling on Mr Lungu to deal and dismantle the cartel as soon as he assumes State power after this month’s presidential election. The Chikopa tribunal was meant to humiliate our judges and we are happy that Kabwe High Court Judge Mwiinde Siavwapa has ordered their reinstatement,” Mr Sakala said.

Mr Sakala said he was comforted by the fact that Mr Lungu has vowed to pursue economic plunderers adding that Zambians would be happy to have a Government that would genuinely take care of their affairs.

He said Mr Lungu had been listening to the demands of Zambians and was certain that never again would Government be allowed to be in the hands of individuals whose interest was to persecute innocent citizens.

Mr Sakala said some members of the cartel were still in Government and had continued leaking State secrets to their masters outside Government.

“Some of the cartel members have left Government and still have vital and sensitive State secrets. And Government documents have continued being leaked to unauthorized individuals by the cartel members still in the system. Mr Lungu will have to clean up the dirt in the system immediately he forms Government,” Mr Mr Sakala said.

He commended the people of Petauke for turning up in large numbers for the mass rally that was addressed by Mr Lungu and former president Rupiah Banda.

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