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DEFENCE and Justice minister Edgar Lungu should immediately institute investigations into the defunct Task Force on Corruption established by late president Levy Mwanawasa which was wantonly abused and created the now infamous cartel that attempted to hijack the presidency of the Patriotic Front and State power, Paradius Sakala has demanded.

Mr Sakala, a PF member, said the cartel currently propagating hate messages and slander against Mr Lungu, who is the PF presidential candidate, was created out of the defunct Task Force on Corruption which was genuinely set up to investigate corruption but ended up as a tool for persecuting innocent citizens.

Mr Sakala told the Daily Nation yesterday that a lot of property and money was said to have been recovered but was allegedly looted and corruptly shared by the people who were given the task to investigate corruption.

Among the noteworthy and specific cases of plunder involved Tedworthy Properties, Access Finance and funds from donors which should be fully investigated, he added.

He said should Zambians elect Mr Lungu as republican president this month, he should pursue individuals who were involved in the corruption that governed the Task Force on Corruption which was reported to have recovered billions of Kwacha in cash and property.

Mr Sakala, a 2011 PF losing Kapoche Constituency parliamentarian, said the cartel defaming Mr Lungu and assassinating his political character used the task force to plunder and persecute citizens they economically and politically hated and loathed.

He stated that it would be for the benefit of Zambians that what was allegedly looted by those who served on the task force was recovered because the money and property so recovered belonged to the people.

He said the task force was used to make certain individuals rich and that the same people were now slandering and maligning Mr Lungu because they were scared that once the PF leader became republican president, he would pursue them to recover people’s money.

“Late president Levy Mwanawasa genuinely formed the Task Force on Corruption to investigate graft but the task force was turned into a tool of persecuting innocent citizens. We saw a number of prominent senior citizens being persecuted and getting convicted in some newspapers.

“The task force created the cartel that is today propagating hate messages against Mr Lungu and my plea is that he (Lungu) should immediately commence investigations into the corruption that governed the task force because we know that money and property was recovered but was looted by the same cartel. Even before he becomes republican president, he can commence investigations immediately as Justice minister,” Mr Sakala said.

He said a lot of public money was spent on the task force team but Zambians had not seen the benefits because the people involved were themselves corrupt.

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