Barotse activists warn politicians

Barotse activists in Western Province have warned politicians to desist from using the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 as their campaign strategy in the January 20 presidential election.

Barotse Freedom Movement national secretary Chazele Mulasikwanda said it was unfair for politicians to continue to use fake promises such as the restoration of the BA of 1964 to be voted for, forgetting the injury they were causing to the people of Barotseland.

Mr Mulasikwanda said the people of Western Province would not take kindly to such politicians because they were sources of tension in the region.

He explained that politicians risked being barred from doing their campaigns in Barotseland should they continue to cheat people over the Barotseland Agreement.

Mr Mulasikwanda said politicians should not take advantage of the situation in Western Province because the people there were not desperate.

“We cannot negotiate over the Barotseland Agreement and we are warning politicians to desist from using this issue as their campaign strategy to attract votes from the people,” he said.

And Mr Mulasikwanda has challenged the Zambia police to explain to the public its failure to arrest political cadres who perpetrated violence in Mongu recently.

He accused Police of protecting people who were causing violence in the country, adding that the suspects should be brought to book.

“If what was experienced in Mongu by the political cadres was done by the ordinary people of Barotseland, they could have been arrested by this time. These are some of the things we feel our people are subjected to, to humiliate them,” he said.

Mr Mulasikwanda said it was wrong for politicians to only care about the people of Western Province when they wanted votes from them.

He said the people of Western Province would remain calm and peaceful as they fight for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement.

On Monday, MMD leader Nevers Mumba said he would consider a referendum on the Barotseland Agreement if elected president in the January 20 election.

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