Testing Presidential Candidates


The sterile debate on Presidential health is as unproductive as it is also a waste of valuable time.

The Zambia Medical Association has made it very clear there is no connection  between the longevity of an individual and current health status  as this lies in the hands of God.

It has become fanciful preoccupation to demand that political leaders, especially Presidential hopefuls should  subject themselves to medical examinations ostensibly to prove that they do not suffer from terminal diseases that would truncate their tenure in office.

Not surprising, this challenge is being promoted by the normal suspects who have no aorta of credibility apart from their love for slander and calumny.

It is unfortunate that such leaders as Edgar Lungu have unwittingly fallen subject to the ruse that is ineffectual and totally uncalled for.

Those peddling the medical test red herring are doing so to deviate attention and obfuscate the reality of the campaign terrain that is challenging all the candidates to explain why they should be voted for in high office.

Nothing will be gained from examining Edgar Lungu, Hakainde Hichilema, Edith Nawakwi or indeed Elias Chipimo because their social contract with the populace should be determined by their ability to deliver on a set of issues that have nothing to do with their individual health.

Zambia as a nation is much bigger than an individual; that is why personal ambition for power will not win votes but would rather estrange the electorate who will vote for a vision that promotes the common good.

There should be a very clear differentiation between the candidates standing for elections and the party which sponsors him or her in these elections.

The party is much bigger than the individual because ultimately, it is the collective vision and the aspiration of the Zambian people that will win the day and this is best symbolised by the sponsoring party.

Individuals will come and go but the collective vision will be enduring.

This is why we find it unacceptable, reprehensible and totally unacceptable that the tenor of debate should revolve around the emotive issue concerning the health or lack of it of presidential candidates.

We particularly deplore assertions by Chongwe MP Slyvia Masebo predicting an imminent by-election if one of the candidates is elected as President.

Ms Masebo should be grateful to God that He has sustained her to enable her  to engage in politics when many others have succumbed to congenital or self-inflicted ailments.

She must be the last person to wish any other person ill as she recognises that our fragile lives are dependent on God’s providence.

As individuals we have neither the control nor determination to longevity.

Those wishing to engage in sterile and unproductive debate are not only shallow but are a great disserve to humanity.


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