RB anoints Edgar

home affairs minister Edgar Lungu

home affairs minister Edgar Lungu


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Edgar Lungu is a humble and consultative man who possesses qualities of a leader who can be trusted with the responsibilities of republican president, former president Rupiah Banda has said.

Mr Banda said Mr Lungu could unite and heal Zambia.

Endorsing Mr Lungu for the presidential election this month, president Banda denounced egos, arrogance and  personal ambitions among politicians stating that the Defence and Justice minister was different.

Mr Banda said the coming presidential election was important and that there was no room for error because time had come for the country to focus on genuine healing and not egos, arrogance and personal ambitions.

He said Zambia needed a leader who would govern with humility, cooperation and in unity devoid of family, tribal or ethnic interests.

The former president said he had decided to endorse Mr Lungu because he believed the PF president would ensure that costs of basic goods such as mealie meal, fuel, cement and fertilizer were reduced to enable citizens achieve sustainability.

Mr Banda said he was looking for a leader who would stabilize the economy by rationalizing public debt and expenditures with transparency as well as ensure prudent fiscal management and that Mr Lungu was best suited for such national responsibilities.

The country needed a leader who would provide an attractive and stable environment for domestic and foreign investment and guarantee the timely payment of farmers.

The former president said after having deliberated about who to support in the coming presidential election, he had come to the conclusion that Mr Lungu could effectively deal with issues that had the potential of disrupting the peace of the country.

He said it was his strong belief that Mr Lungu could deliver a genuine people-driven Constitution that would ensure good governance by limiting the powers of Government officials so that leaders could be held accountable.

“I believe this election is very important. We have no room for error and we must focus on genuine healing. It is not a time for egos, arrogance and personal ambitions. It is time for humility, cooperation, consultation and unity. This is not about anyone’s personal interests, family, tribe or party.

“This election is about pursuing only the interest of all Zambians. After much thought and deliberation, I decided to support a candidate that would be best to deliver the new Constitution, lower the price of mealie meal, fuel and fix the problems of the Public Order Act as well as strengthen the independence of the judiciary,” Mr Banda said.

Mr Banda said having had an opportunity to meet and talk to Mr Lungu and understand his intentions and having discussed his (Banda) concerns, he was confident that Mr Lungu could be trusted with the presidency of the country.

And Mr Lungu said he was humbled to be endorsed by president Banda stating that he (Lungu) was unstoppable in the coming presidential election.

Mr Lungu said nobody had the monopoly of wisdom and pledged that once elected republican president, he would be a president for all Zambians including those who would not vote for him.

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