Chongwe PF bans Masebo


THE Patriotic Front (PF) has declared Chongwe a ‘no go area’ for their member of Parliament Slyvia Masebo who should resign before being expelled.

The ruling party has  as a result banned Ms Masebo from attending all council meetings in Chongwe and has challenged her to resign from the PF because she had been a “divisive person” ever since she joined the party in August 2011.

Chongwe constituency chairman Oliver Kachepa yesterday branded Ms Masebo a traitor who was elected as MP on the personal effort of President Michael Sata after she was defeated by Japhen Mwakalombeafter the electorate rejected her.

Mr Kachepa dispelled assertions that the entire Chongwe constituency PF executive including the district had endorsed UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, stating that the PF structures were intact and campaigning for Mr Lungu.

Endorsing Mr Hichilema in Kasisi last week, Ms Masebo angered the PF when she said the ruling party died and was buried with President Sata, claiming that the recent reconciliation in the party was a sham.

“I can tell you that PF was Sata and Sata was PF and the party was buried with Sata at Embassy Park,”Ms Masebo said.

Mr Kachepa advised the UPND to accept Ms Masebo within its ranks with caution because she was allegedly a danger to any political organization.

He said Ms Masebo had been associated with confusion in all her political interaction, recalling that while in the MMD, she caused a lot of confusion by allegedly forming parallel pressure groups within the former ruling party.

He said Ms Masebo fought former president Rupiah Banda soon after the death of president Levy Mwanawasa by claiming that former finance minister Ng’andu Magande had been anointed to succeed Dr Mwanawasa.

Mr Kachepa said it was Ms Masebo who strongly opposed the adoption of the then vice president Banda as a presidential candidate after the demise of Dr Mwanawasa adding that it was not surprising that she was against Mr Edgar Lungu because her desire was to have a PF candidate who was unwanted by the general membership of the ruling party.

“The PF structures are intact and campaigning for Mr Lungu and none of our officials at constituency or district have endorsed Mr Hakainde Hichilema or defected to the UPND. Ms Masebo has been jumping from one political party to another because of her selfish ambitions to only belong to the ruling party. She is known for causing confusion everywhere she has been. She caused confusions in the MMD.

‘‘Ms Masebo caused a lot of confusion in the MMD during the Chiluba presidency and defected to the Zambia Republican Party. She divided ZRP and came back to the MMD; opposed former president Rupiah Banda before coming to PF in August 2011. Her political career has ended and we have with immediate effect banned her from attending council meetings. We are going to pursue her and expel her from Chongwe,” Mr Kachepa said.

He said Ms Masebo was the most unpopular person in Chongwe and that her endorsement of Mr Hichilema would have no effect on the election of Mr Lungu as republican president.

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