Chinese selling roasted cobs of maize in Zambia shocking


Dear Editor

Through your column allow me to say something about some of the so-called investors whom we have allowed into our country.

I was recently shocked to see a Chinese by the roadside selling roasted cobs of maize. Surely does Zambia need this type of investors?

The tragedy is that we have a Government which does not see beyond its nose, because all it is concerned with are politics.

In neighbouring Tanzania there is a clear demarcation between what foreigners can and cannot do.

In Tanzania areas such as selling of food in restaurants is the sole preserve of the owners of that country.

But in Zambia foreigners have been allowed to sell ice creams, sausages, nshima and many other simple products which should have been left to Zambians alone.

I have noticed with dismay that these Chinese ‘‘investors’ ‘are almost everywhere and since some of them are operating in townships only heaven knows what else they will be doing.

My earnest appeal to the incoming government is that it should come  up with clear guidelines as to what foreigners can and cannot do in Zambia in terms of conducting small businesses.

If foreigners are allowed to sell nshima and roasted cobs of maize what will the owners of  the land do?

Maybe it is the usual docility of Zambians which is at play because how do they allow these foreigners to start selling cobs of maize right in their backyards?

If Zambians are proactive they would have stopped this ‘‘nonsense’’ a long time go but  since they really don’t care, foreigners will continue to come to Zambia to make bundles of dollars while they are looking on. But I somehow feel strongly that Government has a much bigger role to play in this matter because if they put laws restricting what foreigners can do in Zambia all will be well.

So again I am appealing to the Government to do something about this matter.

We certainly cannot have people leaving their countries just to come to Zambia to start selling cobs of maize in the name of investment.

Zambia will always welcome serious investors.

Annoyed Citizen

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